Jon Jones once again displayed his dominance tonight in the light-heavyweight division by easily brushing aside Chael Sonnen by first round TKO.

Sonnen looks to get right in Jones face from the opening bell and looks to land strikes, but Jones reaches down and gets a takedown.

He’s unable to keep him there though and Sonnen gets back up and stays in tight and lands some punches before they break free.

Up against the cage Jones scoops Sonnen down to the mat again and already his face looks a little marked.

Jones lands a little offense including a good elbow strike, but then Sonnen works his way back upright again.

Still they are up against the cage and Jones lands a few punches while Sonnen attempts to land some knees.

Jones effortlessly scoops Sonnen up and dumps him to the mat. He stays in his guard and lands some elbows and the occasional punch. He’s keeping a steady pace at this stage though rather than going for the finish.

Sonnen appears to be wilting though and starts to cover up and Jones suddenly turns up the heat and lands a good knee to the body and some punches and elbows.

Apparently that’s enough for the referee who jumps in to end the fight by TKO at 4.33mins of the first round.

It’s perhaps a little premature, but in fairness Sonnen was pretty much just turtling up and didn’t look like he was going to be getting out of that position any time soon.

So another big win for Jones, although it came at a cost as during the post-fight interview he suddenly realized that he’d badly broken his big toe at some stage either during the fight or immediately afterwards.

And that somehow seems like a fitting end to what’s ended up being one of the most jinxed fight cards in recent memory!