Jose Aldo made yet another successful defense of his title tonight at UFC 163 against ‘The Korean Zombie’ though the end of the fight was unfortunate, with the challenger suffering a freak shoulder injury that lead to his demise.

The main event of the evening is underway. Jung paws with the jab and then lands a leg kick. Soon after he charges forward with a flurry of punches, but Aldo backs out of danger.

The Korean Zombie throwing more offense at this stage, but not really landing yet. Aldo then lands with a couple of punches of his own, rocking back his opponents head back in the process.

Another two-piece combo lands for the champion – he’s found his range, while the challenger is still adjusting his.

Jung goes upstairs with a head kick, but it misses the target. Aldo lands his first leg kick of the night.

Aldo lands with a left and then follows up with a heavy leg kick. The Zombie lands a leg kick of his own.

Less than a minute to go and Jung fakes a takedown and then comes upstairs with a kick.

Aldo suddenly looks for a takedown and he lands it, but The Korean Zombie gets up incredibly Quickly.

In the final 10 seconds Aldo really bursts into life, trying a spinning wheel kick and a flying knee, but Jung is ok and lands a punch just as the round ends.

Onto round two and Jung is pressing forward with purpose from the off. He tries a front kick that just whiffs past Aldo’s head.

He continues to push though and Aldo catches him with a solid strike that causes him to readjust for a moment.

Aldo ducks a punch and lands with an uppercut. Good hooks to the body from the champion and he follows it with a punch upstairs.

He ducks under another Korean Zombie strike, Aldo seems to be reading his opponent’s strikes well at this stage.

Two minutes to go and there’s a bit of a lull as the Zombie starts to look a little hesitant. There’s an audible impact as Aldo lands another strike.

Aldo swoops for the takedown and lands it in the final minute. He moves up to side control and starts to land a couple of short elbows, but Jung puts him back into his guard and the round fizzles out.

Round three begins at a slow pace. Not for long though as Jung goes for a flying knee which Aldo reacts instantly too and uses the momentum to get a takedown.

He has Jung pressed up against the cage on the mat. Not too much happening though and The Zombie gets back to his feet. Aldo still has him pressed to the cage though and manages to get a trip takedown.

Jung’s on his knees and looking to stand, but Aldo’s staying tight to him. Mid-way through the round now the action is stalling so they get broken up.

Zombie unloads with a few winging punches, trying to make something happen. Aldo’s not interested in engaging at this stage though and instead goes back to pressing him up against the fence.

More stalling from Aldo as the final minute of the round ticks by with almost no action, forcing another re-set in the action from the referee. Zombie wades forward with aggresive strikes and lands nicely with a left hook, then follows up with a flying knee which again Aldo uses to take him down as the round ends.

Fourth round underway. Aldo working behind the jab. Jung with some looping punches that don’t find their target.

Then something very unfortunate occurs as Jung looks for an overhand right and it lands awkwardly, immediately separating his shoulder.

From that moment he’s in obvious pain and Aldo immediately capitalizes with some big strikes. Jung drops down to the mat and Aldo continues to unleash more strikes on him. The Zombie’s refusing to tap out, but his shoulder injury has clearly left him unable to continue fighting and thankfully the referee soon after brings the fight to an end at the two minute mark of the fourth round, giving Aldo the TKO victory.

Not a great way for the fight to end, but it did look as if Aldo was comfortably ahead on points anyway at that stage in the fight so if nothing else, at least the right man won.