UFC Results: Josh Thomson Becomes First Fighter To TKO Nate Diaz

Josh Thomson marked an impressive UFC debut tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 7’ with a TKO finish against Nate Diaz.

Diaz taunting Thomson straight away as he absorbs a few leg kicks. Diaz returns fire with a two-punch combo and a kick.

Thomson flicking up a front kick to the face, but it doesn’t find the mark. Diaz tries to close the distance and look for a takedown, but it’s stuffed as Thomson spins away.

Thomson fires off a head kick and you can hear it land, but Diaz appears to be fine. He continues to press forward and Thomson’s keeping his distance which appears to frustrate Diaz who gestures at him in annoyance.

Nevertheless, Thomson’s not being drawn into that and continues effectively using his kicks, and again fires upstairs with one which doesn’t land as cleanly as before.

Diaz lands a few punches in close against the cage and so far he’s definitely getting the better of the stand-up action here.

That doesn’t stop Diaz’s relentless forward march though, but while he’s occasionally landing he’s having to overreach to do so and hasn’t really found his range yet.

Another brief flurry from Thomson near the cage and then he scores a takedown. Diaz lands a couple of nice elbows from the bottom, but Thomson then scores some ground and pound of his own before they scramble back up to end the round on the feet.

Diaz comes out aggressively to start the second round, throwing a flurry of puunches as he closes the distance and attempts to clinch up against the cage. Unfortunately a knee from Diaz strays low to the groin and there’s a brief stoppage.

Getting back underway Diaz attempts to strike, but Thomson gets into the clinch and throws a few strikes from in close which appears to open up a cut on Diaz’s face.

They break apart, but it’s not long before they clinch again and Diaz scores a takedown. He postures up and lands a short, sharp combination of punches as Thomson works up to his feet.

Diaz stalking Thomson and lands a nice jab as blood leaks down his face from his right eye.

Thomson opts to clinch again up agains the cage and they struggle for position back and forth before breaking apart.

Diaz wipes blood from his eye and moments later Thomson goes for another head kick and it lands flush, wobbling Diaz badly. Two right hands follow and Diaz drops to the mat.

More punches follow from Thomson and after giving Diaz plenty of time to try to escape he dives in to stop the fight, just as Diaz’s corner throw in the towel.

This is a huge win for Thomson in his UFC debut and he becomes the first fighter to ever stop Diaz in the process.


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