Mark Hunt continued his unlikely winning streak tonight with a third round TKO victory over Stefan Struve at UFC On Fuel TV 8.

Struve throws a high kick to begin this fight, but it’s blocked. Hunt aggressively moves forward with punches, but Struve backs up and rebounds off the cage and they reset.

Hunt throws a leg kick at his much taller opponent and soon after wades forward with a couple of body shots.

Apparently having had enough of the stand-up game, Struve opts to pull guard, bringing Hunt down into his world.

It’s a decision that soon pays dividends as he’s able to work a sweep that sees him move on top of his opponent.

He’s able to work to full mount and starts raining down some big punches. Hunt rolls to his back and Struve looks for an armbar that doesn’t pay off and Hunt’s able to move back on top.

Hunt lands a big right hand as Struve starts fishing for an arm triangle. Another right hand from Hunt and Struve’s still throwing up his legs looking to lock on a submission attempt.

Instead Hunt is able to maneouver to side control and lands a few punches before teh round comes to an end.

Round two begins and a big left hook lands for Hunt, but Struve takes it. Hunt looks for more punches and Struve just keeps his head out of reach.

Punch to the body from Hunt and Struve’s not offering a whole lot in return, with his jab not keeping his opponent at bay.

Hunt gets in close and digs in nicely to the body and goes upstairs as Struve just covers up.

Struve’s looking a little tired at this stage, but he does manage to clip Hunt’s jaw with a punch. Hunt definitely getting the better of the stand-up though, so it’s surprising when soon after he lands a nice trip takedown.

Struve looks for a leg lock, but Hunt breaks free and opts to stay on the ground despite the constant submission threat.

He’s able to get to side control, but then Struve is able to get on top and works to full mount. As in the first round Struve lands some nice ground and pound from the position, but now he’s looking for a submission, trying to lock up an armbar, but it’s a tired attempt and Hunt slips free, claiming top position again as the round ends.

Both men look weary going into the third round but there’s good body work from Hunt to start and then he goes upstairs and lands a hard left hook that lands with a thump.

Struve lands with the jab and clips Hunt with a head kick. Both men are running out of gas here, but still showing a willingess to trade blows.

The harder punches are still coming from Hunt and he hurts Struve with one which backs him up. Hunt follows and catches him with a right hook before following up with a perfectly placed heavy left hook right to the jaw and Struve crashes to the canvas.

Hunt walks off thinking he’s won, but Struve is still conscious and appears to have himself positioned ready for another ground battle, but the referee looks closely at it and decides it’s game over for the Dutchman and so Hunt gets the TKO victory with 1.44mins of the third round gone.

Hats off to Hunt for earning his fourth victory in a row in the UFC’s heavyweight divison, and doing so by not only ending Struve’s own four-fight unbeaten run, but also showing that he’s not completely out of his depth on the mat before finishing the fight on the feet.