UFC Results: Ricardo Lamas Beats Erik Koch In Bloody Fashion On FOX

Ricardo Lamas brutally beat Erik Koch tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 6’, opening up a huge cut during a vicious spell of ground and pound in the second round that was the beginning of the end for his opponent.

A feeling out process ensued in the opening minutes of this fight with Koch trying to work from range while Lamas flicked out a few kicks, but not really committing to them.

Suddenly Lamas decided to swoop for a takedown, but wasn’t able to take Koch down. He kept working for it against the cage though and eventually took him to the mat for a split second before Koch got back up and they continued to work from the clinch.

Eventually they break free with Lamas throwing a spinning back elbow on the way out. Back to the cautious striking they went with Koch landing a couple of straight punches, but nothing particularly significant.

In the final minute of the round Lamas works into the clinch again on the cage and appears to have secured a takedown, but Koch’s back barely touched the mat before he showed his agility in managing to find a way to stand back up as the round ends.

Lamas starts off the second round landing a few leg kicks. Koch returns with one of his own. Koch initiates a clinch, but then decides against it and breaks free.

Lamas goes for another kick but slips. Koch rushes in hoping to keep him on the mat, but he gets it wrong and Lamas manages to end up on top instead.

Lamas fires off somes shots while stacking Koch up in his guard. Lamas lands a nasty punch and it opens up a nasty cut around Koch’s left eye. Koch’s face is soaked in blood immediately and Lamas doesn’t let him off the hook landing a barrage of hard elbows and the referee jumps in to rescue Koch with 2.32mins of the second round gone.

So Lamas gets the TKO victory and FOX gets it’s most bloody fight to date. Replays show that this was one of the worst cuts we’ve seen in the Octagon in some time.

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