As expected Ronda Rousey defeated Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 tonight via armbar, but she had to battle through real adversity to do so after being caught in real danger early in the opening round.

Immediately Rousey presses fowrad into the clinch as Carmouche tries to fire off punches.

Up against the cage in slightly awkward position and Rousey is looking for the throw. It doesn’t work for her though as Carmouche stuffs it.

Then she does get Carmouche to the mat against the cage, but the position isn’t secure and suddenly they are up and Carmouche hops onto her back.

Rousey is in real trouble very early in this fight as Carmouche goes for a face crank and then looks to get a rear-naked choke. Rousey’s face is red, but she takes her time and eventually manages to shake free and stands over her game opponent who stays on her back.

Rousey stands over her and lands a few punches. Carmouche looks to grab a hold of her leg and Rousey spins, landing in side control hooking her arm around her opponent’s head.

From their Rousey begins landing short punches and it’s not long before Carmouche’s face is bleeding.

Carmouche is trying to escape, but it’s Rousey who transitions and it’s bad news for Carmouche as she goes for her trademark move, the armbar.

They roll as Carmouche attempts to break free, but Rousey’s with her all the way. The challenger is defending valiantly, but it’s only a matter of time and with the final 10 seconds of the round approaching Rousey finally wrestles her grip free and locks in the armbar, forcing the immediate tap.

And there we have it, Rousey wins the UFC’s first ever female fight, and while the ending was not a surprise this didn’t quite go as planned and was all the more exciting for it.

Carmouche can be proud of her performance, Rousey proved she can battle through adversity, and the UFC showed the world that female fighting does have a place in the sport’s leading organization.