UFC Results: Travis Browne KO’s Alistair Overeem With A Front Kick


Travis Browne produced a big upset tonight against Alistair Overeem at UFC On FOX Sports 1, rebounding after almost being stopped early in the first round to produce a front kick KO.

We’re underway in the co-main event. Overeem immediately goes on the offensive, landing a few short punches then some powerful knees.

He presses Browne up against the cage and lands some more knees before they break apart.

Browne looking to get off some strikes of his own, but he overcommits and stumbles, with Overeem trying to capitalize by latching on a guillotine, but it doesn’t pay off.

Overeem bundles him up against the cage instead and starts unleashing a vicious assault of punches and knees. The knees in particular are buckling his legs and he eventually slumps to the mat. Overeem throwing everything into a series of hard punches to the head, but the referee is giving Browne the benefit of the doubt and he’s hanging in there.

Browne’s back to his feet and still looking badly hurt, but he suddenly starts firing back with some hard shots. That might just have saved them as soon after Overeem resets and they go back to the center of the cage.

Browne’s starting to flick some front kicks towards Overeem, keeping him at bay as he regains his bearings and tries to find a way back into this fight.

Then in the final minute of the round Browne finally finds a home for that front kick, connecting hard with Overeem’s chin, sending the big man toppling backwards onto the canvas.

Browne follows up with a few hammerfist strikes and it’s all over with 4.08mins on the clock!

Stunning stuff, Browne looked as close to being stopped as you can get earlier in the round, but recovered well and produces a highlight reel knockout kick against a former K-1 champion!

It’s a nightmare result for Overeem though, dashing his hopes of getting into UFC title contention and leaving him with two vicious KO losses in his last two Octagon outings.

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