After a highly competitive main event fight at the TUF 17 Finale it was Urijah Faber who emerged as the victor against Scott Jorgensen with a fourth round rear-naked choke submission.

The main event is underway and Faber quickly tags Jorgensen with a couple of punches and Jorgensen goes to the mat – perhaps looking for a takedown rather than being hurt.

He gets up and they clinch and Faber’s looking for a takedown, but can’t get it. Jorgensen can though and gets on top. Faber works back upright, but Jorgensen’s still got a hold of him.

Jorgensen could take Faber’s back here, but Faber counters nicely and manages to get Jorgensen down. They scramble and get back to thei feet.

Faber fires off a couple of punches and looking the brighter of the two on the feet at this early stage.

Faber lands a big knee and it looks as if it’s hurt Jorgensen. He looks for a takedown with a little desperation, but doesn’t get it and Faber gets on top.

The former WEC champ is now starting to work for submission attempts, but despite a few attempts at a choke Jorgensen is able to survive. Faber’s all over him though as the round comes to a close.

An illegal groin strike from Faber starts off the second round in unfortunate fashion, but Jorgensen recovers quickly and they get back to business.

Jorgensen starting to work some leg kicks and Faber’s looking to land with punches. Faber looks for the takedown but doesn’t get it. Soon after he charges forward with a knee followed by a flurry of strikes.

Good uppercut lands from Faber and he then stuffs a takedown from Jorgensen. Faber’s hands are definitely the crisper of the two and he lands a good left hook to prove it.

A little flurry from Jorgensen lands, but Faber lands that hook again, once to the head and then to the body.

Faber secures a takedown and Jorgensen attempts a kimura. That brings about a scramble as Faber evades and they stand back up.

The two men trade toe-to-toe and throw punches and it’s a fairly even exchange. They go back and forth in a clinch battle against the cage and then Jorgensen lands a couple of blows in the final tens seconds of the round.

Round three begins and Faber lands a nice right hand. A couple more punches back Jorgensen back for a second, but then he comes back and looks to land. Jorgensen lands a punch and has grown into the striking battle as the fight’s wore on.

Just as I say that though Faber starts to land a few punches that rocks his opponents head back. Faber lands a couple of nice counters to the body.

Jorgensen opts to clinch against the cage and works around to Faber’s back. Faber works hard and manages to escape and wer’e back to striking range.

Faber lands a few punches and then Jorgensen connects with a left hand of his own. Jorgensen tries to muscle Faber to the mat and they clinch up against the cage again for a moment.

Then it’s back to the striking and Jorgensen lands a nice one-two combination. He then snaps a leg kick. They are starting to slug it out now and Jorgensen’s more than holding his own.

Faber barrels forward and secures an important takedown just as the round finishes.

Round four underway and they start to trade a few punches and the occasional kick. Faber shoves Jorgensen down, but he just rolls backwards and gets back up.

Quick flurry from Faber, but Jorgensen covers up and then swings back. Nice action at this stage and it’s proving to be a very close fight in these exchanges, with Faber being quicker and a little more accurate, but Jorgensen’s hanging right in their with him.

Faber lands a double leg and then in the ensuing scramble takes Jorgensen’s back. He then goes for a rear-naked choke and rolls over to his back as he squeezes hard and forces the reluctant tap with 3.16mins of the fourth round gone.

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