Urijah Faber proved that he’s still on top of his game as he stopped the much younger Michael McDonald by guillotine choke tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 9’, but most impressive was how he got the better of the dangerous striker on the feet to set up the finish.

Round One

We’re underway in the co-main event. High kick from Faber to start and then he moves in and gets a quick takedown.

Faber’s inside McDonald’s guard and picks him up while he still clings on and then dumps him down again. Faber stacks up, but McDonald is doing his best to lock him down and he’s not able to get a whole lot of offense off so far.

A right hand gets through about half-way through the round. He tries to stack up again and McDonald lands a few elbows from his back.

Ref Herb Dean decides there’s not enough happening here and he’s probably right so they get stood up again. Little leg kick from Faber.

McDonald tries to clinch, but Faber pushes him off. Faber tries a head kick, but it misses. McDonald lands a knee, but Faber catches it and can’t quite turn that into a takedown.

Striking exchange in close and McDonald seems to get the better of it. Right hand from Faber lands solidly for Faber. He also scores with a left just as the round is coming to a close.

Round Two

Clipping left hand just lands for McDonald to start the second. Faber works to the body and McDonald just misses with an uppercut.

Faber looks for a takedown, but it’s brushed aside. He attempts another head kick that doesn’t quite make an impact.

Hook for Faber and then he tries an inside kick that lands to the cup and McDonald takes a brief timeout.

A striking exchange in close again and Faber seems to have McDonald hurt with a right hand. He presses forward with urgency and just brushes his chin with a front kick. McDonald seems ok though and starts to counter again which makes Faber take his foot off the gas a little.

He’s still pressing forward though and is still threatening with strikes.

McDonald tries for a head kick and it just seems to graze past Faber’s head as ducks at the same moment. McDonald continues to move forward as Faber backs off. Then Faber suddenly stops, uncorks a huge looping right hand that lands flush and McDonald’s hurt badly.

McDonald backs up as Faber charges forward unleashing more punches. He lands some more hard shots as McDonald reaches the cage. It’s a whirlwind of action now and McDonald is down and Faber seizes his neck and attempts the choke.

McDonald tries to hang in there, but Faber as an expert with the guillotine and it’s only a matter of time before McDonald taps out with 3.22mins of the second round gone.

Great victory for Faber, perhaps surprising a few people by how he was able to get the better of McDonald on the feet, before eventually finding the finish on the mat.