Vicente Luque Submits Tyron Woodley During Wild First Round At UFC 260

Vicente Luque had to contend with a fired up Tyron Woodley tonight at UFC 260, but despite being hurt early on he was able to then quickly put his opponent in big trouble and then finish him with a slick submission on the mat.

Round One:

Woodley swings hard to start and misses, but works into the clinch and presses Luque hard up against the cage. However, Luque manages to reverse the position. They exchange knees.

Luque with shoulder shrugs as Woodley throws another knee. Now knees to the thigh from Luque. Woodley gets away from the cage and works Luque back into the cage, but then Luque breaks free quickly.

Woodley throwing heavy leather as they go back to striking range. Now they clinch again in the center of the Octagon. Woodley trying to walk him over to the cage, but Luque turns and presses him into that position instead.

Knees exchanged by both men and then there’s more jockeying for position in the clinch. They break apart. Heavy right hand for Woodley and he wobbles Luque.

Luque takes it though. Luque lands a big blow of his own and now it’s Woodley turn to be rocked!!

Crazy action here as Woodley still tries to throw back even though his legs are barely keeping him upright. He’s certainly making up for his lack of action in many other recent fights, but it’s a very risky strategy right now and Luque hurts him again.

Luque might still be dazed a bit too, but he’s fighting through it and has Woodley in all sorts of trouble as more punches land. He gets him down and wraps up a d’arce choke. Woodley struggling to defend this and likely still trying to shake off the cobwebs, but there’s no time and it’s not long before he has to tap out!

Wild fight then and it’s Luque who emerges with the submission victory at 3.56mins of the first round.

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