War Machine Charges Upheld After Christy Mack Testifies

War Machine faced a preliminary hearing in Las Vegas on Friday where a judge upheld 34 charges against him including attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping.

Both of his alleged victims, Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas, testified at the hearing, with Mack breaking down in tears as she listened back to a recording of her 911 call on the night of the attack, while Thomas admitted that he thought he was going to die.

Mack suffered multiple injuries including a broken orbital bone, broken nose, broken teeth and a lacerated liver amongst other injuries during the incident in her home back in August. Thomas was also hospitalized with a broken nose, dislocated shoulder and a bite mark to his face which has left a permanent scar.

War Machine found himself in trouble during the hearing when the prosecutor asked that it be noted on record that War Machine was laughing while Mack was testifying. His lawyer objected, denying that he had done so, but the judge stated that she too had seen it.

According to War Machine’s lawyer the MMA fighter will plead not guilty to all the charges set against him, with his next court appearance set to take place on November 20th.

Watch a summary of the latest court developments in the case below courtesy of KNTV News.


  1. At a preliminary hearing the standard of evidence is so low that the charges are almost always upheld. So this news means nothing. In California I filed 10 Motion to Supress the evidence in drug cases where there was an illegal search. In 9 of the cases the police said textbook word for word what they needed to say in order to make it not an illegal search. In fact one of them was enrolled at my Law School and while I was in law school there were three police all going to law school. In my 10th case I must have gotten the most honest cop on the planet and he admitted that while doing the weapons search when he felt a bump in the suspects pocket too small to be a weapon that he did manipulate it in his hand before realizing it was drugs. He said that he now knows that search was illegal,I said the drugs should be suppressed as fruit of the poisonous tree, the judge said no, the drugs would have been inevitably discovered if not for the illegal search, the evidence stays in. My supervising attorney said that out of ten tries I had more success than most. A prelimnary hearing is an alternative to a grand jury. The charges are usually upheld 99% of the time. The importance of the preliminary hearing is more in the Motions that you can file at this point, that will affect the trial and litigation. Motions to supress drug evidence as fruit of the poisonous tree because of an illegal search which means that if the evidence is thrown out, the case is thrown out.It is the first opportumity to be heard on dismissing the case, suppressing evidence, other evidentiary motions etc..of what should be admissible and what not.In any case mostly likely all the charges will be upheld unless there has been some grievous misconduct by the police that there is no way any reasonable police office could have charged the Defendant as they did. The over charging/ or Laudry list where they throw everything at you, usually survives the preliminary hearing. Usually because all the charges are way excessive and most will be unlikely to be proven and result in a conviction, there is some thread of truth reason for filing them, even though the attempted murder charge is just holding on by a thread, The Laundry list of charges is so that the prosecutor can coerce you into pleading guilty for what you should have been charged with in the first place which is not a very good deal. A top lawyer in the field will try to use legal means to tear the laundry list down to the lesser charges that should have been filed and then negotiate a deal a good bit better than the charges that should have been filed.

    -Chris Overton Esq.

  2. Chris, From what you have surmised so far, what do you think War Machine will ultimately plea to and what do you think his prison time will be?


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