War Machine’s Brother Gives Different Version Of Christy Mack Assault

So far we’ve only heard one version of the alleged assault on Christy Mack and an as yet unnamed third party by War Machine from the victim herself, but there are two sides to every story and the fugitive fighter’s brother Michael Koppenhaver has a different tale to tell.

In a conversation with BJPenn.com, Koppenhaver claims that Mack’s version of events isn’t entirely true. Below we’ve listed all the differences in the two accounts of the story.

1. Mack claimed that she had been separated from War Machine since May, but his brother counters that, saying they were still together and had been seen at a Bellator event just a few weeks ago.

2. Koppenhaver claims that his brother walked in on Mack having sex with another man, while she had stated that she had been with a friend and was fully clothed at the time.

3. According to his brother, War Machine and the other man fought and then Mack grabbed a knife, at which point he felt he was fighting for his life. In Mack’s account War Machine beat up the man and sent him away before turning his attention to her. She had also claimed that he was the one who took the knife from the kitchen.

4. Finally, the reason that War Machine hasn’t turned himself according to his brother is that he fears the judge from his last trial will again overseeing this case, and having previously claimed that she was biased against him he fears he won’t get a fair trial again.

It should also be noted that a couple of days ago MMA manager Ken Pavia stated on Twitter:

Mack was quick to respond to that at the time however, saying, “@KenPavia none of the blood at the crime scene is his. None.”

So, we now have two very different accounts of the events that took place last Friday in Las Vegas.

Both versions do have points of contention, but the crucial evidence so far would still seem to be the severe injuries that Mack sustained during the incident, including 18 broken bones in her face, a broken nose, broken teeth, fractured rib, ruptured liver, not to mention the lesions to her hands, head and ear from a knife and large portions of her hair cut off which would suggest a sustained beating took place.

At this time we still don’t know what, if any, injuries War Machine sustained, and we’ve yet to hear an account of what happened from the unnamed third party on the scene which will also be vitally important to the investigation.

For the time being though the main focus for the police is to find War Machine as he’s currently still on the run after seven warrants were issued for his arrest earlier this week.

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