Bryan Barberena

Bryan Barberena was able to get the better of Warlley Alves at UFC 198 this evening, surviving an early onslaught and then turning the screw in the later stages of the fight to claim a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Alves pressing forward aggressively early. He throws punches and a kick, then jumps into a guillotine choke and pulls Barberena to the mat.

Alves continuing to work on this guillotine, but ‘Bam Bam’ stays patient and with 50 seconds gone he’s able to pull his head free.

Barberena now able to work from top position, but Alves attempts to stand against the cage and does get back upright, though Bam Bam keeps him pressed up against the cage and starts to lands a few knees.

They separate and Alves just misses with a spinning kick. Alves back to stalking Bam Bam. He lands a big body kick and then a right hand before clinching Barberena against the cage. Nice elbows from Bam Bam.

They separate, but only for second and then Alves is right back into the clinch. Another seperation, another brief clinch.

All forward momentum from Alves so far. He lands another big body kick then and uppercut, then another body kick. Lots of power in those. Alves tries to go upstairs with the kick, then clinches.

Barberena gets away and is back to the center of the cage. Solid leg kick for Barberena knocks Alves off-balance momentarily.

Alves backs Bam Bam back up against the cage, landing a couple of body strikes and then clinch work before backing away.

Low kick for Bam Bam. He tries to clinch, but Alves reverses and then separates with a knee.

Round Two:

Back to the body kick for Alves. Barbarena trying to work the jab, then goes for the one-two. Another body kick for Alves, then into the clinch. Disengages and slams in that body kick yet again.

Alves misses with an overhand, but the body kick is a winner every time. Bam Bam with a body kick of his own, but it doesn’t land with the same level of authority as his opponent.

Leg kick for Bam Bam. Nice right hand for Alves. Jabs for Barberena. Body work for Alves. Alves backing Bam Bam up with the jab now.

Barberena reverses the clinch then they separate. Body kick for Barberena. Alves misses with the head kick. He lands a jab, then again and follows up with the body kick.

Body kick for Bam Bam and a flying knee to the midsection as well. Alves clinches, then breaks away.

Bam Bam the one pressing forward now as Alves backs up. Barberena with a few kicks. Nice uppercut and hook from Barberena. Another brief combo and Alves has definitely slowed in the latter stages of the second round.

Alves clinches and eats a couple of elbows for his troubles. Solid low leg kick for Alves and then back to the body with it as the round comes to an end.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Barberena. Alves firing off punches. He misses with a head kick. Leg kick for Bam Bam.

Another leg kick for BB, but Alves connects with a punch. Barberena slips to the mat and Alves tries to keep him down. Bam Bam able to work his way back to his feet and they are clinching against the cage. Barberena able to reverse the position.

After breaking Alves lands a left hand. Barberena with leg kick. Fronty kick for him. Nice four-punch combo from Barberena.

Alves with a flying knee upstairs. Elbows in close from Barberena. Knee in the clinch from Alves. Another elbow from Bam Bam as they separate.

Left hook glances for Alves. Left hand connects for Bam Bam. left hook and a right hand from Barberena.

Another left and a right get through for Barberena and Alves responds with a clean jab. Right hooks for Alves. Kick to the body for Bam Bam. Barberena winging punches now as he slows down, but keeps trying to stay offensive.

Right hand for Alves. Bam Bam returns fire. Very nice uppercut for Alves. Barberena unleashes a flurry of left and right hands as he leaves it all in the Octagon. They continue to trade as the fight comes to an end and we’re headed to the judges to sort this one out.


The judges have came to a unanimous decision verdict (29-28 x3), and it’s in favor of the underdog, Bryan Barberena who really pushed the pace in the second half of the fight.

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