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Watch Chael Sonnen Interview Anderson Silva On The UFC Tonight Show

Here’s something we never thought would happen – last night on the ‘UFC Tonight’ show Chael Sonnen interviewed his former rival Anderson Silva ahead of his latest title defense at UFC 162 on Saturday night.

There was no bad blood or personal digs here as we’ve seen in the past though, with both men being good natured throughout the interview.

At one point Sonnen asked Silva if he’d be willing to get into the Octagon with Jon Jones, to which he replied that he respected him, but wasn’t scared of him and appeared to indicate that he would fight him.

He also jokingly replied, “Who?” when Sonnen asked him about a potential fight with GSP.

Despite now having beeen beaten by him twice, Sonnen couldn’t resist asking the champion if he’d take a third fight with him in the future, “If I promise that I will not cheat and I will not quite when I’m not hurt?”

“Yeah, of course!” Silva replied with a smile.

Check out the full interview below courtesy of Fuel TV.

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