Watch Mayweather Vs McGregor Toronto Press Conference Video Live Today

Today the Mayweather Vs McGregor press conference world tour stops over in Toronto, Canada and you can watch it unfold live via the video below.

The presser is expected to begin at 5.30pm ET (10.30pm UK) and hopefully will give the two fighters more opportunities to interact one-to-one than yesterday’s tour opener in Los Angeles.


  1. Just finished watching day two of this.
    This is so lame. Just so lame, I cringe while watching it. They have to stay on the subject of money because there is really nothing to argue about on the combat side. Conner can kill this guy. Any fighter in the top 10 in any weight class (including females) on the UFC roster can beat Floyd in a fight. A Diaz, Mgegor, JDS, Pettis, Mighty Mouse, Dilashaw, Garbrant, Doson, Tate, Rousey, ANYONE in the UFC can beat Floyd. Conner can kill him in under a minute. So what is there to talk about other than who has more money. So lame. Waste of time.

    Also, They must have some rules set that if Conner puts hands on him during press conference, he loses his check or a percentage of his earnings. Can you imagine the UFC allowing Conner to be that close to a Diaz brother, Jose Aldo, Max Holloway or anyone else for so long without any security. This just all feels cringy fake and just loaded with cheese. This is 100% cheese. I hate myself for even watching this facade.
    Its so bad that I can’t help but ask myself:

    Is this acceptable for boxing fans? I’m curious as to how boxing fans see this style of a press conference. But from an MMA fan perspective, its just so inauthentic.

    I mean, Brandon Schaub hosting this? This guy is a podcast guy who never gets anything right and….just cheese all over that too. I hope nobody buys this shit. I remember feeling devastated when Jon Jones vs Cormier was cancelled for UFC 200. Just recently Amanda Nunes vs Russian chick canceled had me feeling kinda shitty. If this gets cancelled, I would actually feel so fucking relieved.


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