Watch Michael Bisping Discuss His Injuries Heading Into Luke Rockhold Fight

In a new video titled ‘Gym Stories’, the UFC follows UFC Fight Night 55 headliner Michael Bisping as he heads to ‘Orange County Fight Doctors’ to get treatment for a number of minor injuries he’s currently dealing with as he prepares to fight Luke Rockhold in Sydney.

Despite a dominant TKO victory over Cung Le last time out Bisping didn’t come out completely unscathed, damaging his foot and wrists, shoulder and knee along the way, mainly from either attacking or defending against his opponent.

After just two week’s rest following the fight Bisping was straight back into training camp again for his fight with Rockhold, but The 35 year-old insists that his ailments won’t affect the way he fights in the Octagon on Saturday night.

“I’m still training really hard,” Bisping said. “It’s not affecting me in training, it certainly won’t affect me on the night. But they are little things that, you know, slow you down a little bit. On the night with the adrenaline, it won’t matter at all. So, it isn’t going to affect the fight, but, just day in – day out trying to get through a fight camp it’s kind of a drag.”

“I used to be a good lookin’ guy before I got into this,” Bisping then quips as he receives physiotherapy for his war wounds.


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