Miesha Tate was the latest UFC fighter to feature in a special ‘Google Hangout’ chat for FOX Sports earlier this week and she spilled the beans on her rivalry with Ronda Rousey during the filming of TUF 18.

According to Tate, her rival appeared to lose the plot during the shooting of the reality show which will air in September on FOX Sports 1.

“I’ve had people I’ve worked with before that I didn’t get along with or whatever, but never to this extent,” Tate claimed. “I don’t know what her reasoning was for it, but at one point she just flipped a switch and she just became this mega b—h,” Tate said. “For the rest of the season, it was just horrible having to deal with her.”

Of course we’re only getting one side of the story here, but it’s quite possible there’s more than a grain of truth to these claims given that Rousey herself has previously admitted that she’s concerned she might be perceived as “a pyschopath.”

On the other hand, Dana White stated a while back that both girls were a nightmare during the filming of the show so we’ll have to see how it all unfolds when the show starts airing in a few weeks time.

Check out the full interview with Miesha Tate below.

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