Get to know this weekend’s Strikeforce headliners Ronda Rousey and Sarah Kaufman better by watching the videos below in which they explain how they became MMA fighters.

For Rousey it all stems from her family. Her mother was a highly motivated individual who just happened to also be a talented Judo practitioner, while the death of her father in her formative years only served to further motivate her to prove that he had been right to believe in her athletic abilities.

As for Kaufman it was all about being in the right place at the right time when an MMA gym opened up beneath the dance class she took as a child, while a bold decision to step away from a pre-med university course and focus on fighting many years ago also helped set her on the path to becoming an MMA star.

Ronda Rousey:

Sarah Kaufman:


  1. Not a fan nor a hater. I just hate constantly reading Ronda Rousey crap on here and other video streaming sites. I just wish she would go away or shut up and just fight. I can see her someday trashing a church or doing some other attention desiring publicity stunt after she loses her short term fame.

  2. I think Rousey’s very much like Chael Sonnen in that she’s a polarizing, love-or-hate type of character.

    Either way she’s definitely someone that a lot of people are interested in right now, and with her fight just around the corner it’s inevitable that there’s going to be a good few posts about her on here.

    I’m actually quite looking forward to the fight – I’d like to see Kaufman take her into deeper waters and see how she copes.