Watch Uriah Hall Throw A Punch At ‘Mayhem’ Miller After Racist Taunts

A video has emerged of TUF star Uriah Hall and former UFC fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller becoming involved in a heated exchange at an event in Las Vegas this past weekend.

The footage doesn’t give an indication as to what happened to start the argument, but what it does show is ‘Mayhem’ shouting a racist taunt at Hall several times, before Hall retaliates by throwing a punch which appears to miss. The two men are then separated by security staff.

‘Mayhem’ then took to Twitter where he repeated the insult he had been shouting at Hall, though he later deleted the post and instead wrote several comments regarding the matter instead.

“It seems to me that I must play the “bad guy” insomuch as that is the narrative that everyone is writing for me,” ‘Mayhem’ said. “Truth is, I’m full of love.”

“Some guy got in my face, I punked him, he threw, I slipped it,” he continued, and later added,
“I have no hate for anyone based on race, and idgaf what u think anyway.”

The veteran fighter has appeared to have gone off the rails since announcing his retirement last year following an unsuccessful 0-2 stint in the UFC.

Just months later he was arrested by police after being found naked in a church which he had defaced. While he escaped charges on that instance, his erratic behaviour his continued this year and in recent months he’s been arrested twice for alledged incidents of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend.

As for former TUF finalist Hall, he’s stayed silent on the matter so far, and while the video evidence suggests that he was provoked, he’ll still be hoping that this altercation doesn’t get him in trouble with the UFC as he’s already skating on thin ice, having lost his two fights in the promotion so far.

While UFC President Dana White has stated before that he likes Hall, he’s also made it clear that if he doesn’t get a win under his belt in his next fight with Chris Leben at UFC 168 in December then he’ll be shown the exit door.

Watch the video courtesy of MMAInterviews.TV here (they disabled embedding in the video).


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