What do UFC fighters think about Ronda Rousey becoming the UFC’s first ever female fighter?

Judging by the video below which features the thoughts of several of them including Dan Hardy, Brian Ebersole, Kyle Noke and Anthony Perosh, they are generally pretty welcoming of the idea.

The only issue that some appear to have an issue with is whether it was right for Rousey to immediately be installed as the first ever 135lb female champion without having fought in the Octagon yet.

It should be noted however that there has been a precedent set here as both Dominick Cruz and Jose Aldo did the same when they moved across from the WEC at the start of last year into new created divisions within the UFC’s roster. However, the flyweights had to fight through a four-man tournament earlier this year before Demetrious Johnson finally emerged as the champ.

Watch the video below.


  1. Incomplete video. If you play the original long version, they ask me what i think and i just say ” Who cares? I mean, who really fuckin cares?”