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Witness Describes Nate Diaz’s Altercation With Clay Guida’s Brother At UFC 199

Nate Diaz was in attendance at UFC 199 last weekend, and since then reports have emerged that he got into a backstage altercation with Clay Guida’s brother Jason.

Speaking on the latest edition of the ‘Stud Show Radio Podcast,’ Team Alpha Male coach Justin Buchholz confirmed that the scuffle did take place, and described in detail how it all went down.

According To Buchholz, the altercation began after Guida’s last minute KO loss to Brian Ortega in the final preliminary card fight on the card, which sent his brother into a rage.

“I turn around and one of the UFC stools, they have like four stools back there, was just shattered in like six pieces,” Buchholz, who was in Guida’s corner for the fight, recalled. “So Jason just grabbed it and ripped it to shreds or he slammed it, I don’t know. His brother just got f—ing stopped, so he was just flying off the handle, like emotional.”

As Guida and his team headed backstage afterward they happened to run into Diaz, and according to Bucholz it was Clay Guida who started a verbal confrontation between them.

“Clay said something to him, but Clay was discombobulated at that time,” Buchholz said. “He just said something to Nate. He was all like, ‘Man, I’m gonna f–k you up again’ or something like that.”

Guida had defeated Diaz by split decision back in 2009, but despite the past history between them, Buchholz claims that Diaz seemed surprised by his outburst. However, things escalated further when Clay’s brother Jason, who weighs 280lbs, charged at the star.

“Then f—ing Jason and Nate got into it,” Buchholz said. “I don’t know what happened, but Jason bull rushes Nate and tries to put him up against the wall. Nate has got him in a clinch. Like 50 people from the UFC come rushing into this thing. I’m standing in the middle like, ‘No!'”

Apparently Diaz lost his shirt during the commotion, which was handed back to him by an apologetic Buchholz.

Diaz is then reported to have strode back into the arena as if nothing had happened, appearing on camera soon afterwards when his upcoming rematch with Conor McGregor was announced.

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