Yancy Medeiros Submits Joe Proctor In 1st Round At TUF 20 Finale

Yancy Medeiros found a first round finish against Joe Proctor tonight at the TUF 20 Finale, first hurting him with a spinning back kick to the body before forcing the tap-out with a guillotine choke.

Round One:

Both men throw body kicks to start with Medeiros getting through. Proctor with a nice combination finished up with a kick.

Hard leg kick from Proctor. Medeiros responds with one of his own. Another from Proctor – his are landing harder.

Proctor connects with a punch and Medeiros connects with two of his own. Proctor really steps in hard on a leg kick.

Kick from Medeiros and tries to throw the jab from range. He lands a good right straight hand that may have hurt Proctor. Medeiros growing in confidence from that. Proctor with a body kick and Medeiros clinches up as Proctor tries to get aggressive.

They break apart and go back to striking range. Plenty of offense from both men and Medeiros tries a spinning kick to the body. Hard shot lands for Proctor, but Medeiros shakes his head.

Medeiros continuing to work from range, but Proctor has another hard leg kick for him in response. Meideros with another spinning back kick to the body and it lands hard and Proctor pauses for a second then drops down to the mat.

Medeiros moves in on his opponent who’s slumped against the cage winded and locks up a guillotine submission, forcing the tap from Proctor with 4.37mins of the first round gone.

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