Yoel Romero TKO’s Tim Kennedy In Third Round At UFC 178

There were remarkable switches in momentum in this fight at UFC 178 with only the bell to end the second round saving Yoel Romero from being stopped by Tim Kennedy, only for Romero to then come out in the third and drop Kennedy and finish the fight by TKO.

Round One:

Romero thinks about a big kick, but then abandons it. Kennedy lands a body kick. Another body kick from Kennedy. Romero leaps in potentially looking for a knee, but Kennedy moves out the way and misses a strike as they reset.

Romero lands a big punch. Kennedy just out of range with a head kick. Another punch lands hard for Romero. He connects with a big left and Kennedy is a little off-balance for a moment and is now sporting a bloody nose.

Kennedy wings in a hook, but Romero ducks under it. Romero with a punch to the thigh. He lands a hard kick, and another soon afterwards.

Kennedy pressing forward and misses with a strike. Brief stoppage and then they go back to it with a kick from Romero being stopped by Kennedy who looks for the takedown off it, but Romero just gets right back up and break away.

Romero with a big takedown on Kennedy after catching a knee strike, but they are back upright quickly. Kennedy marching forward, but eats a punch. Kennedy with a head kick, but it’s blocked. He lands a body kick in the final 10 seconds and then misses with a big hook as Romero ducks under it.

Round Two:

Missed right straight for Kennedy. He lands a kick to the midsection that’s blocked, and then Romero throws one of his own.

Kennedy coming up short with an overhand attempt. Romero lands a strike and Kennedy circles the cage. Leg kick for Romero and a punch behind it. Right hand lands for Kennedy and a kick to the body.

Punch for Romero. Kennedy goes for a takedown, but Romero sprawls nicely and gets back upright. Kennedy throwing strikes from range that aren’t quite finding the mark.

Kennedy in close and lands aa few nice uppercuts from the clinch, but then his takedown attempt is stuffed. Kennedy goes for uppercuts from the clinch again.

Romero tries to bundle Kennedy to the mat and almost succeeds but Kennedy scrambles to his back. He’s looking for a potential submission here, but Romero gets back up.

They get back to striking and Kennedy clips Romero with a spinning backfist, but Kennedy was a little off-balance while throwing it.

In the clinch against the cage now initiated by Romero. He presses Kennedy up against the cage. Nice uppercut from Kennedy. Romero lands a few of his own with solid connection and another punche behind it.

Closing stages of the round and they are back in the center of the Octagon. Kennedy with a nice right hand and then rips up with a few uppercuts and Romero is hurt. Another right hand from Kennedy sends Romero reeling back in big trouble and more punches follow. Romero is barely standing with the cage keeping him upright and the bell is the only thing that saves him. So close to a finish for Kennedy!

Round Three:

Romero sat on his stool a good 10-15 seconds longer than he should have there in-between rounds and looks absolutely exhausted, almost like he was ready to quit. Kennedy was unhappy that he was getting extra time, but the fight will go to the final round all the same.

Romero then shocks Kennedy by hurting him badly almost immediately with a huge right that drops him. Suddenly the whole momentum of the fight has changed.

Kennedy back up and Romero is swarming on him with more punches that drop him to the mat again. Kennedy keeps trying to stand and Romero keeps blasting him with punches Kennedy’s face is now soaked in blood from the damage he’s taking here.

Romero continues hammering away and this fight is over! Romero gets the TKO win at 0.58mins of the final round. Crazy stuff!

Amazing comeback victory for Romero, though a controversial one given that extended break on the stool prior to the final round.

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