After a bright start at UFC 150 Buddy Roberts was gradually overwhelmed by Yushin Okami’s superior grappling which lead to a second round TKO victory.

Roberts clearly wasn’t phased by the fact this was by far the biggest fight of his career as he took the role of aggressor early in this fight, throwing hard right hands and finding some sucess in the process.

Okami seemed to be a little slow off the mark by comparison, but half-way through the round after being tagged a few times he began to come to life and up against the cage he was able to spin around and take Roberts back.

He tried to pick him up and drop him to the mat, but couldn’t do it and instead simply dragged him down.

He moved on top of Roberts and had to fight off a brief armbar and omaplata attempt before getting a more secure position. He then methodically improved that position until he was in full mount and able to rain down some punches.

Roberts quickly gave up his back and as Okami started to unleash left and rights he could do little else but try to shield the blows with his hands and was perhaps lucky that the end of the round came when it did or the fight would have been over.

In the second Roberts looked to make an impact on the feet again, but before he could really get into his stride Okami was able to pull him back down to the mat.

The signs were ominous for him now, and again Okami patiently progressed his position until once again he found himself able to get Roberts back and flatten him out on the canvas.

From their he went right back to where he had left off at the end of the first round, throwing down ground and pound while Roberts covered up and made no attempt to escape.

Roberts was shelled up enough that he wasn’t taking significant damage, but the constant one-way traffic was enough to convince the referee to declare a TKO victory for Okami with 3.05mins of the second round gone.