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Abdul Razak Hassan KO’s Niko Price In 43 Seconds At UFC 228

Abdul Razak Hassan made Niko Price pay for standing toe-to-toe with him tonight at UFC 228, with a brutal three punch combination knocking him out cold in just 43 seconds to start the pay-per-view main card with a bang in Dallas, Texas.

Round One:

Leg kick from Hassan, but Price counters with a hard punch. Both fighters throwing seriously heavy leather to start. Hassan connecting and Price countering with an uppercut.

Hassan backing Price up against the cage and unleashing on him. Big right hook lands for Hassan, then another. He works to the body and Price stumbles.

As he comes back up Hassan connects to the temple and Price goes stiff, then two more crushing blows land hard before he hits the canvas and the referee rushes in to save him from further punishment for the KO victory at 43 seconds of the first round.

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