Adrian Yanez TKO’s Gustavo Lopez In Third Round At UFC On ESPN 21

Adrian Yanez impressed tonight at UFC On ESPN 21 with his ultra-accurate counter striking against Gustavo Lopez that paved the way for an early third round TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Front kick to the body from Lopez after a cautious opening half-minute. Yanez looks to let his hands go but gets clipped by Lopez.

Both swing for the fences, but just miss. Calf kick lands for Yanez. Now a calf kick for Lopez. Yanez attempts a front kick to the body but doesn’t land cleanly.

Another exchange and Yanez lands a solid counter punch. He lands another right hand as Lopez comes in.

Jab lands for Lopez and then another punch behind it as Yanez also connects. Body kick for Lopez. Nice straight right for Yanez.

Double jab for Lopez. Lopez with a looping hook that lands, but Yanez takes it well. Combo from Yanez connects. Now a leg kick.

Very nice uppercut from Yanez as Lopez was stumbling a little on the outside. straight punches land hard for Yanez. He’s got his opponent backed up against the cage now. He throws a head kick.

Yanez just coming up short with another combo. He lands a final punch before the round ends and Lopez goes back to his corner with blood trickling from his nose.

Round Two:

Right hand for Yanez. Now one in return from Lopez. Kick to the body from Yanez as Lopez is looking for one of his own.

Another mid-range kick from Yanez. He comes over the top of Lopez with a right hand. Hard hook counter from Yanez as Lopez lets his hands go.

Another smart counter from Yanez. Undeterred Lopez comes forward again and gets dropped with a combo. He gets back up as Yanez flashes out an uppercut.

Lopez still in the fight as the fight settles down a bit again, but Yanez has all the momentum right now. Body kick for Lopez. Front kick to the body for Yanez.

Low kick for Lopez. Yanez constantly owning the center of the Octagon, but more often than not he’s waiting for opportunities to land his counters.

Kick for Lopez, but eats a one-two in return. Inside low kick for Lopez. Kick off the arm from Yanez. Yanez abors on a head kick attempt.

Body kick from Yanez, punch from Lopez and then a cleaner punch in response from Yanez again.

Round Three:

Body kick for Yanez. He gets through with a right hand. Jab for Yanez, Lopez tries to respond and gets caught by another razor-sharp counter from Yanez that floors him, who then walks off knowing the job is done as the ref rushes in to wave off the action. Impressive TKO finish for Yanez at 27 seconds of the final round!

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