Adrian Yanez TKO’s Tony Kelley In First Round At UFC On ESPN 37

Adrian Yanez delivered a big TKO finish in the first round of his fight with Tony Kelley this evening at UFC On ESPN 37.

Round One:

Head kick attempt from Kelley is blocked. He goes for a flying knee and misses, following awkwardly to the mat afterwards.

Front kick to the body from Kelley and then another head kick attempt. Body kick from Yanez. Leg kick from Kelley and another head kick attempt.

Body kick for Kelley and then gets away from a counter punch from Yanez. Kick from Kelley is brushed aside from Yanez as he looks to counter.

Front kick to the body from Kelley. Now a couple of lighter leg kicks. Nice right hand gets through for Yanez. Kelley with a kick and Yanez lands a nice counter.

Flurry of punches from Yanez and Kelley looks dazed. Yanez recognizes it and unleashes again, but Kelley is throwing back and it’s getting a bit wild out there.

The action flows across the Octagon with Kelley wearing a fair amount of damage on his face already and Yanez is really going for finish now, landing a series of big right hands that wobbles Kelley again, with more punches behind it sending him to the mat.

Yanez is standing over him now and continuing to land accurate, damaging blows until the ref dives in to save his opponent from further punishment for a TKO finish at 3.49mins of the first round.

Another impressive win for Yanez, his fifth in a row since joining the UFC!

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