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Aleksander Rakic Knocks Out Jim Manuwa With Brutal Head Kick At UFC Fight Night 153

Aleksander Rakic earned a stunning 42 second head kick knockout victory over Jimi Manuwa in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 153 this evening in Stockholm.

Round One:

Leg kick for Manuwa. One for Rakic too. Manuwa missing with a hook. Punch for Rakic and then a powerful left head kick straight across the jawline that brutally knocks Manuwa out cold with his head hitting hard off the canvas as he topples like a tree.

That’s as clean a highlight-reel knockout finish from Rakic as your ever likely to see in just 42 seconds and it hands Manuwa his fourth loss in a row – three by knockout, which will surely lead to questions about whether it’s time for the 39-year-old to hang up his gloves.

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