Alex Garcia Submits Muslim Salikhov In Second Round At UFC Fight Night 122

Alex Garcia spoiled Muslim Salikhov’s promotional debut at UFC Fight Night 122 in Shanghai with a second round submission finish.

Round One:

Lots of fakes from both men in the opening minute, then Garcia bursts forward into a takedown attempt, but Salikhov is doing his best to defend it. They move to the cage and Garcia continues to work hard to bring his opponent down and is successful in doing so.

Garcia in half guard and eager to pass to a superior position. He’s unable to though and eventually Salikhov finds the space to get back to his feet. Salikhov with a spinning kick attempt soon after.

Salikhov with a leg kick. swift spinning back kick to the body from Salikhov lands nicely. Now a jab connects. Leg kick. Mixing up his strikes he picks out a spinning backfist, but it’s blocked by Garcia.

Garcia tries to return fire with a spinning backfist of his own and then opts for a takedown attempt, but this time Salikhov defends it nicely and gets back to striking range.

Salikhov with another spinning kick that doesn’t land. Garcia lunges into a left hook that misses. However, he then lands a takedown. He drops down a big strike and then in the final seconds of the round starts to chip away with more punches as Salikhov is standing back up against the cage.

Round Two:

Missed body kick from Salikhov. Garcia targets the body with a punch. Again a little short on the kick from the Russian. Garcia reaches in for a takedown, but Salikhov avoids.

Hook kick attempt for Salikhov graces Garcia. Side kick to the body for Salikhov. Garcia lunges into the takedown and Salikhov brushes him aside and lands a body kick.

Undeterred, it’s not long before Garcia tries again, this time against the cage and this time he gets him to the canvas. He lands a punch that forces Salikhov to turn his back, which Garcia gladly accepts and sinks in a rear-naked choke that forces the Russian to tap out at 3.22mins of the second round!

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