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Alex Perez Submits Jordan Espinosa With Arm-Triangle Choke At UFC Fight Night 166

Alex Perez neutralized Jordan Espinosa’s striking game early in this fight at UFC Fight night 166 by taking him to the mat and then soon employed an arm-triangle choke to find a submission finish.

Round One:

Leg kick for Perez. Left hand for Espinosa. Another leg kick for Perez. Solid right hand for Espinosa. Perez with a nice combination of punches and then works a takedown from the clinch.

Half-guard position for Perez and he’s setting up an arm triangle choke here. At first Espinosa seems ok, but then even though Perez hasn’t moved off to the side to fully lock up the choke, he adjusts his position enough that it’s clearly a tighter choke and it chokes his opponent unconscious at the 2.33min mark!

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