Alexander Hernandez Defeats Olivier Aubin-Mercier By Unanimous Decision At UFC On FOX 30

Alexander Hernandez showed he’s an up-and-comer worth keeping an eye on tonight with a unanimous decision victory over Olivier Aubin-Mercier at UFC On FOX 30.

Round One:

Leg kick for Hernandez. Aubin-Mercier with a kick of his own. Hernandez backs up his opponent and unleashes a quick flurry of punches.

Hernandez stalking Aubin-Mercier early in the fight. Aubin-Mercier with a right hand then Hernandez clinches up in the center of the Octagon and walks him to the Octagon.

They soon break free. Aubin-Mercier with a head kick attempt. He lands a knee as they clinch up. They soon break free again. Hernandez with a combination and then moves into a takedown attempt. He presses Aubin-Mercier up against the cage. unable to finish the takedown they back away.

Another brief clinch and a knee lands for Aubin-Mercier. Hernandez pushing Aubin-Mercier up against the cage. Unable to get anything going from their though.

As they look for another clinch opportunity Aubin-Mercier lands a solid knee to the head. Sooner after he connects with an uppercut to.

Aubin-Mercier being pushed up against the cage again now. Few short punches from Aubin-Mercier, knee to the body from Hernandez. Aubin-Mercier working in a few knees of his own.

Hernandez taking the center of the Octagon, pressing forward and lands a punch as he moves into the clinch. He finally lands a takedown against the cage in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

Spinning kick attempt from Aubin-Mercier misses. Hernandez moves in quickly and is able to get a double-leg takedown against the cage.

Aubin-Mercier does well to get to his knees and stand up. Now it’s Aubin-Mercier who tries for a takedown but fails. Soon after Hernandez tries for one and it also fails as he goes to ground.

Aubin-Mercier getting an advantageous position now. Hernandez looking get upright, but suddenly Aubin-Mercier does a kimura sweep to get on top and then switches to a straight armbar. Hernandez gets out, but Aubin-Mercier is now on top on the mat.

Hernandez now trying for an armbar and there’s a scramble that ends up with Aubin-Mercier on top. Another scramble and Aubin-Mercier pulls guard. Not much happening there, but before Hernandez gets a chance to work the ref stands them back up.

Hernandez bundles into the takedown, driving Aubin-Mercier up against the cage. However, Aubin-Mercier then reverses the position. They break and Hernandez lands a punch and Aubin-Mercier looks for the knee. Another good strike lands for Hernandez and then into the clinch once again.

Good knee to the body from Hernandez. He gets Aubin-Mercier to his knees in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Couple of punches from Hernandez to start the round and then to the clinch. He lands a knee that lands to the groin and that forces a stoppage.

Upon the restart Hernandez comes in with punches and then a knee, straight back into the clinch. They break and Aubin-Mercier lands a winging punch that knocks Hernandez off-balance, but he’s straight back up and pressing into the clinch and lands a takedown.

Hernandez working on top, landing a series of punches to the body, but the ref doesn’t think there’s enough happening and forces them back up.

Aubin-Mercier charging forward into a takedown of his own, but he’s struggling to land it and then Hernandez gets him to the mat instead.

Aubin-Mercier soon sweeps back to his feet and immediately is on on a takedown, but not doing much to try to land it. The referee urging him to keep working and that spurs him on to complete the takedown.

Hernandez trying to gets space to stand, but Aubin-Mercier stays on top for now. However, Hernandez suddenly scrambles and takes Aubin-Mercier’s back. He starts landing some punches to the head in the final seconds of the fight and that’s it, we’re headed to the judges decision.


Strong performance from Hernandez then, proving that he’s got an excellent gas tank and strong grappling game and that’s enough to earn him a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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