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Alexander Hernandez KO’s Mike Breeden In 80 Seconds At UFC Fight Night 193

Alexander Hernandez made short work of short-notice newcomer Mike Breeden tonight at UFC Fight Night 193, KO’ing him early in the first round of the main card opener.

Round One:

Hernandez presses forward quickly, but Breeden wards him off with two winging right hands. They reset and Breeden lands a right hand.

Now Hernandez lands a couple of punches and then tries for a takedown that Breeden stuffs.

Hernandez staying active and lands a leg kick. Straight punch down the pipe stuns Breeden and has him backing up. Hernandez sees that and starts to pour on the pressure.

left and a right hand lands for Hernandez, then another right. as punches connect Breeden’s mouthpiece falls out.

Hernandez shows no mercy and Breeden literally has to grit his teeth and try to fight his way out of adversity, but returning fire just leaves him exposed and Hernandez lands again and then KO’s him with a powerful right hook just 80 seconds into the opening round.

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