Alexander Volkov Defeats Greg Hardy By Decision At UFC Fight Night 163

Alexander Volkov cruised to a unanimous decision victory over Greg Hardy tonight at UFC Fight Night 163.

Round One:

Leg kick for Volkov. Hardy comes up short with a punch and Volkov lands an inside leg kick. Now a punch for Volkov.

Hard with a hook. Body kick for Volkov and a punch in return from Hardy. Hardy pumping out with the jab but not connecting.

Body kick for Volkov. Now a punch. Body kick from Volkov and Hardy catches it and tries for a takedown that doesn’t pay off. However he then works into the clinch against the cage.

They break apart. Jab for Hardy. Side kick to the body from Hardy. jab from Volkov. Again with the jab. Head kick attempt comes off the arm from Volkov.

left hook and then a right hand for Volkov. Hardy lunging in but doesn’t connect. Double jab from Hardy.

Body punch from Hardy and a body kick in return from Volkov. Leg kick from Hardy. Solid jab from Volkov. Winging hook from Hardy misses.

Jab for Volkov. Head kick attempt is blocked. Nice right hand gets through for Volkov. Now a left hook for Hardy and another behind it.

Kick to the body from Volkov in the final stages of the round.

Round Two:

Hook from Hardy who apparently told his corner inbetween rounds that he’s hurt his right hand.

Right hand from Volkov followed by a kick. Hardy throws that right hand.

Jab from Hardy. Leg kick now. Inside leg kick from Volkov. More inside leg kicks and Hardy responds with a jab.

Body punch from Hardy. leg kick for him now. Wild kick from Hardy doesn’t really pay off and sends him off-balance. Body kick from Volkov.

Body kick for Volkov again. Jab for Volkov, but Hardy lands an overhand right in exchange. Front kick to the body for Volkov.

Jab to the body from Hardy. Another solid front kick to the body from Volkov. He throws it again. Two body kicks for Volkov.

Right hook attempt from Hardy and then a spinning backfist that doesn’t pay off. Head kick attempt from Volkov almost sneaks through.

Solid kick for Volkov gets Hardy’s attention. Hardy fires back and then lands a couple of leg kicks.

Round Three:

Volkov with a head kick but not with much power. Hardy trying to be aggressive now as he comes out throwing hands.

Volkov lands a punch. Jabs connecting for him. Leg kick for Volkov. He tries for a head kick, but it coomes off the shoulder.

jab for VOlkov. Body punch from Hardy. Nice left hand from Volkov. Solid jab for Hardy. Good leg kick from Volkov.

Volkov taps Hardy’s chin with his foot. Now a body kick. Front kick to the body. Volkov lands a punch and then a solid right hand that snaps Hardy’s head back.

Body kick for the Russian. Jab lands. Hardy tries for a punch and Volkov counters immediately with a head kick, but Hardy wears it ok.

Jab again from Volkov. it lands again. Now a body kick. Leg kick for Hardy. Another body kick from Volkov that Hardy tries to catch.

Head kick for Volkov connects partially. Hardy getting picked apart a bit now but still trying to swing back anyway. Volkov lands again, but he’s not going to find a finish here.


Volkov with a steady, assured striking performance here and that earns him a comfortable decision victory (30-27 x3).

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