Alexey Kunchenko Defeats Thiago Alves By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 136

Alexey Kunchenko kept his unbeaten record intact in his UFC debut tonight at UFC Fight Night 136 with a unanimous decision victory over Thiago Alves.

Round One:

Leg kick for Alves. He comes forward with straight punches that just fall short. Hard head kick from Kunchenko, but it’s blocked.

High kick for Alves that bounces off Kunchenko’s shoulder. Jab for Kunchenko. Leg kick for Kunchenko. Front kick attempt from Alves.

Nice right hand for Kunchenko over the top. Punches not quite finding the target from Alves, but a leg kick does connect.

Hard leg kick for Kunchenko. Now a body kick. Solid 1-2 for Alves. Chopping leg kick from Alves. One in return now from Kunchenko. Leg kick for Alves, one to the body from Kunchenko.

Solid body punch from Kunchenko. Alves steps into a right hook from Kunchenko. Body kick from Alves. Both fighters continuing to look for strikes as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Alves staying active in the opening seconds of the round with leg kicks. Kunchenko lands a punch and Alves responds in kind. Left hand connects from Alves and a hook from Kunchenko on the counter. Hard leg kick from Kunchenko that’s checked and both fighters will have felt that and it’s left swelling on Alves shin.

Head kick from Kunchenko blocked. Right hook for him and a head kick counter from Alves. Another kick from Alves to the upper arm. Now he tries for a straight punch.

Head kick from Alves and its was only just blocked. Kunchenko with punches, but Alves counters cleanly. Straight left from Kunchenko then picks off a clean jab too.

Body kick for Alves. Another head kick attempt blocked. Leg kick for Alves and punches to follow. Hard kick seems to buckle Kunchenko’s leg slightly.

Right hand from Kunchenko. He tries for some straight punches, but Alves is just keeping his head out of harms way. Leg kick for Alves knocks Kunchenko off-balance.

Solid one-two from Kunchenko as Alves comes forward. Hard right hand for Kunchenko as the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Low kick from Alves and then to the body. Kunchenko with a kick and then a solid punch to the head. Alves with straight punches and then a kick from Kunchenko.

Uppercut from Kunchenko and a couple more punches to follow. Right hand now. Alves reaching with aggresive punches.

left hand for Kunchenko, kick in return from Alves. Alves trying to step up the pace, but Kunchenko matches him. Kunchenko with a superman punch and more strikes behind it.

Brief stoppage for a groin strike to Kunchenko then they go back to it. Head kick attempt blocked. He lands a glancing hook. Both exchanging punches.

Alves goes for a kick and Kunchenko catches it and dumps him to the mat. As Alves stands Kunchenko drills him with punches against the cage and then goes into the clinch. He manages to land the takedown, but Alves soon gets up.

Good uppercut for Alves as he starts to gain the ascendancy here. He’s now starting to pressure Alves more than at any other time in the fight. Alves doing his best to throw back with kicks and punches where possible, but it’s Kunchenko’s work that looks cleaner.

It’s still a competitive fight though as the round comes to a close.


The judges scorecards are in and it’s the newcomer Kunchenko who emerges victories via a unanimous decision verdict (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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