Amanda Lemos TKO’s Marina Rodriguez In 3rd Round At UFC Fight Night 214

There wasn’t much action in the UFC Fight Night 214 main event until early in the third round when Amanda Lemos was able to rock Marina Rodriguez with a right hand then land more punches to secure a TKO Victory.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas.

Leg kick for Rodriguez. She tries for another and Lemos almost catches that so she retracts it quickly.

Cautious opening minute. High body kick from Lemos. Lemos looking for another kick, but Rodriguez lands to knock her off-balance.

Big strike from Lemos. Rodriguez tries for an oblique kick but misses. Missed high kick from Lemos too.

Both fighters not quite dialed in with their range yet. Leg kick for Lemos. Brief exchane of punches and then a knee in close from Lemos.

Jab for Lemos and now a low kick. Body kick from Lemos. Now a spinning kick to the body from her. Missed front kick from Rodriguez. And again.

Still hesitancy from both fighters here. Rodriguez comes forward and Lemos rattles off a one-two.

Lemos looking for a takedown, but it’s Rodriguez who ends up on top and she tries to set up a guillotine choke without success.

Round Two:

Solid front kick to the body from Rodriguez. Lemos tries to get that back with one of her own that doesn’t land as cleanly.

another front kick to the midsection from Lemos. Leg kick from Rodriguez. Rodriguez steps into a punch but misses and eats a solid counter punch.

Jab from Rodriguez. She misses on a committed straight right. She just comes up short with a head kick attempt. She does land an oblique kick.

Another front kick to the body from Lemos. Now Lemos clinches up against the cage, lands a couple of knees and nicely works a trip takedown.

Lemos able to get to Rodriguez back and goes for a rear-naked choke. It’s more of a crank and Rodriguez looks uncomfortable but manages to get out of it.

Brief scramble and Lemos goes on top in half-guard. Lemos staying tight to her for now. Not too much happening as Rodriguez clings on to prevent her from posturing up. Lemos does find space to land a couple of blows before Rodriguez grabs on again as the round ends.

Round Three:

Missed front kick from Rodriguez and also a swing and a miss from Lemos. Grazing overhand from Lemos.

Rodriguez steps into range and takes a right hand to the temple that leaves her dazed as she drops her guard and moves back on unsteady legs.

Lemos leaps in and lands more hard-hitting punches and Rodriguez is pretty much out on her feet so the ref steps in, handing her a TKO victory at 54 seconds of the third round.

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