Amanda Nunes Submits Megan Anderson In First Round At UFC 259

Amanda Nunes reminded everyone why she’s the best-of-the-best tonight at UFC 259 by completely overwhelming featherweight challenger Megan Anderson in the space of just a couple of minutes.

Round One:

Nunes starts off on the outside against her larger opponent and lands an early leg kick. Leg kick attempt from Anderson and Nunes catches it, but doesn’t get the takedown off of it.

Big punch from Nunes lands. Overhand from Nunes and Anderson seemed troubled by that. Another hard blow lands for Nunes and Anderson is dazed and out-of-her-depth.

Nunes lands a leg kick and a few punches. Anderson tries in desperation for a takedown, but it’s Nunes who lands on top and starts throwing hard punches. This fight is already done, it’s just a matter of how Nunes will attempt to finish it.

The sport’s greatest ever female fighter decides to work for a submission. A triangle choke is set up and then she spices it up with an armbar at the same time to force the tapout at 2.03mins of the first round.

That was as one-sided a title fight as you’re likely to find and the search continues to find Nunes’ equal.

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