Andre Fili Defeats Myles Jury By Decision At UFC On ESPN 1

Andre Fili

Andre Fili made excellent use of his jab tonight against Myles Jury at UFC On ESPN 1 en-route to a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Fili with the jab to start. Left hand for Jury. Jab for Fili again. Body kick for Jury. Right hand gets through for Fili. Jab flashes out to Jury’s chin, then a kick.

Another leg kick for Fili then back to the jab. Front kick to the body from Jury. Jab for Fili and a right hand for Jury.

Inside leg kick connects for Fili. Another lands. Jury’s nose turns red as another jab is landed. Leg kick for Jury. Fili loads up on a heavier leg kick.

Inside leg kick for Jury. Hook connects for Jury and then a jab of his own. He tries for a flying knee, but doesn’t connect. He grins though afterwards and motions Fili forward.

Back to the leg kick for Fili. Body kick for Jury. Jury with the jab. Right hand from Fili. Spinning backfist from Jury and then a left hand that sends Fili stumbling back off-balance.

Head kick from Fili. Jury with a big right hand, but Fili also landed too with one of his own as the round comes to a conclusion.

Round Two:

Fili with a leg kick to start. Both looking to land hands, but then go back to exchanging kicks. Jab gets through for Jury. Kick for Jury, body punch from Fili.

Fili with a straight left. Tries for a body kick. One-two for Jury. Low kick for Fili. Solid jab for FIli two times in a row.

Grazing left hand for Jury, but then a powerful right behind it. Another right hand for Jury. He needs more of that because it’s getting through and Fili’s starting to bleed from his nose too.

Leg kicks and jab from Fili. He catches Jury as he steps in. Body kick apiece there. Another solid body kick for Jury. Left hand gets through for Jury. Solid jab for Fili.

Spinning backfist from nowhere lands for Jury and Fili staggers back and falls to the mat. Jury follows down and lands hard ground and pound immediately.

Good elbow strikes from Jury as he works on top towards the end of the round, though Fili starts laughing out loud, indicating that he’s not phased by it.

Round Three:

BOth throwing punches to start and an overhand lands for Fili. jabs connect for him too. Another jab lands hard. Now a body kick. Now Fili goes for the right and it finds the mark.

Fili just missing with a head kick. Punch apiece land at the same time. Glancing left for Jury, repeated jabs for Fili. Front kick for Jury.

One-two for Jury scores. Two jabs for Fili. Jury slips the jab and lands a hard straight. leg kick for Fili and then that jab that’s worked for him all fight long.

front kick to the body from Jury. A minute to go. Jab for Jury. Left hook for Fili. Good hook for Jury. Body kick for Fili. Jab for Fili but his head kick is blocked.

Left hand a right and then back to the left for Jury, but he’s lacked that kind of output for much of the round and now the clock is all but run out.


This one seems fairly straight-forward and the judges agree – Fili wins by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

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