Andre Fili Edges Out Split Decision Win Over Bill Algeo At UFC Fight Night 210

Andre Fili

Andre Fili emerged with a hard fought split decision victory over Bill Algeo tonight at UFC Fight Night 210 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Algeo with the jab to start. Now a front kick to the body. He lands a kick to the calf and then threatens with a front kick usptairs that doesn’t miss by much.

Chopping low kick from Fili. Left hand lands for him too. Long right hook from Fili. Low kick for Algeo.

Spinning back kick to the body from Algeo. Nice left hand from Algeo. Solid right hand lands for Fili.

Punch and a kick from Algeo. He lands another leg kick. Calf kick from Algeo. Again he lands to the leg. Fili with a punch over the top.

Fili lands a head kick and Algeo somehow takes it, but might be a bit dazed from that as Fili wades in and tries to get a standing guillotine.

Algeo breaks away from that. Fili threatening with another head kick. Algeo attempts a spinning back kick that misses.

Head kick attempt from Algeo, but he falls off-balance in the process. Solid body kick from Fili. Algeo bleeding from a cut to the forehead from an earlier head kick.

Fili with another head kick and Algeo’s low hands are leaving him a bit exposed for those.

Fili into the clinch now against the cage,but now for long. Body kick for Algeo and then one to the calf.

Another low kick from Algeo as Fili is looking to check them. One final kick from Algeo.

Round Two:

Nice jab and a leg kick for Algeo. He lands another punch and then ducks in looking for a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Body kick for Algeo. Right hand for Fili. Low kick from Algeo. Now a body punch from him. Body kick for Fili.

Front kick to the body from Algeo. Big head kick attempt from Fili misses. Calf kick for Algeo and then attempts a side kick to the head.

Fili able to press Algeo up against the cage, but Algeo breaks free soon after. Side kick to the leg kick from Algeo.

Algeo wades forward throwing a one-two, but Fili lands a counter. Algeo pressing forward again and Fili is looking for the counter. Body kick from Algeo.

Another head kick from Fili partially landing. Algeo with a flurry and Fili working on the counter nicely.

Jab for Algeo and then a spinning head kick that at least partially lands. Algeo back to the jab. Chopping low kick from Fili disrupts Algeo’s balance for a moment.

FIli threatens with a takedown, but doesn’t commit to it. He does land a nice left hand afterwards though.

Calf kick for Fili. Double-jab for Fili. Front kick to the body from Algeo. Body kick for Fili. Kick for Algeo. Fili steps into a solid punch. Front kick to the body from Algeo. Algeo in on a late takedown attempt against the cage. Fili defends so Algeo abandons that and fires off a few punches and then a spinning kick.

Round Three:

Both fighters land the jab. Fili threatens with a head kick attempt. Light leg kick for Fili. Algeo lands a couple of nice strikes.

Fili with a head kick that just whistles over the top of Algeo’s head as he ducks. Counter hook from Fili.

Stepping left hand lands from Algeo. He wants more, but Fili opts to go for a takedown and lands it. Center of the Octagon and Fili is setting up an arm triangle. Algeo able to get free from that and is on his knees, but Fili takes his back and sinks in a rear-naked choke. It looks very tight, but somehow Algeo is fighting his hands and managing to get some respite.

Fili readjusts and has it in tight again. Again Algeo breaks his grip. Impressive defense from him and now he’s punching behind him, landing repeatedly to Fili’s head.

90 seconds left and Algeo is still focusing on punching behind him, but Fili still seems to be winning the round from this advantageous position and now he’s trying for that rear-naked choke again. He doesn’t commit to that one for long though and Algeo goes back to striking behind him.

Fili trying again for the choke and again doesn’t really commit to it, and we’re heading to the scorecards.


Good fight here then that was closely contested on the feet, with Fili having particular success with head kicks in the opening round, opening up a notable cut along the way, and then nicely changed things up in the final round with a takedown and submission attempts, though he ate numerous punches from the grounded Algeo.

The judges are left split on their decision and it’s Andre Fili who emerges with his hand raised (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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