Andre Fili Edges Split Decision Verdict Against Dennis Bermudez At UFC On FOX 27

Andre Fili

Andre Fili edged to a split decision win over Dennis Bermudez tonight at UFC On FOX 27 in a competitive co-main event offering in North Carolina.

Round One:

Bermudez using head movement to avoid some early jabs from Fili. leg kick for Bermudez. He moves in for a takedown, but Fili stuffs it against the cage and separates.

nice short series of jabs from Bermudez. Both fighters go for a leg kick and Fili is knocked off-balance as their limbs collide.

Lengthy jab from Fili. Bermudez into the clinch and gets the body lock against the cage. Fili defending well so far. Bermudez gives up on the attempt and they back away throwing strikes as they do so.

Bermudez looks to wade in with a punch and Fili times it well to land a takedown, though Bermudez is immediately back up. Bermudez with a low kick that almost knocks his opponent off-balance.

Bermudez works back into the cage, but then back out again and Fili lands a a leg kick. Leg kick for Fili, but he eats a punch in return and then a harder kick in return.

Straight lands for Fili and now he lands a takedown. Bermudez straight back up and is partially caught by a knee just at the end of the round.

Round Two:

Fili looking to use his range advantage as he pumps out the jab. Bermudez steps in with a punch and moves to the clinch, but again he’s shut down there and backs away.

Leg kick for Bermudez. Fili with another well-timed takedown. Bermudez up and tries for a trip takedown, but Fili shows excellent balance to stay upright and continue to frustrate his opponent against the cage.

Bermudez goes for a high crotch attempt, but Fili is just too tall and manages to prevent himself from going to ground. Two leg kicks for Bermudez, but he does eat a punch the second time.

Jab for Fili. Leg kick for Bermudez. Body kick for Bermudez. Fili comes in for a takedown, but nothing doing this time. Nice short left hook for Fili rocks Bermudez’s head back, but he seems ok.

Fili goes in for the takedown and Bermudez denies it and clinches up against the cage. Knees in close for Bermudez. Right hand for Bermudez as he leace the clinch.

Leg kick for Bermudez, but Fili times a takedown off of it and ends up in his opponents guard. Fili trying to pass, but Bermudez stands and pushes Fili back to the cage.

Bermudez tries for a high crotch single, doesn’t get it, but does crack FIli with a punch instead as the round draws to a close.

Round Three:

Fili flicking out the jab to keep Bermudez at bay. Bermudez responds with low kicks. Jab connects for Fili. They both wing hooks at each other, but don’t find the mark.

leg kick inside from Bermudez. Now to the outside. Bermudez presses forward with repeated jabs, but Fili connects with an uppercut counter.

Fili takedown attempt doesn’t quite pay off as Bermudez does good work to keep his balance. Working in close Bermudez looks to rought up his opponent, but lands a knee that strays to the groin and forces a brief stoppage so he can recover from the illegal blow.

Upper body kick from Bermudez. Now a hard one to the calf. He continues pushing the pace and punches to the body, then presses Fili to the cage and lands a knee.

Back to striking range and Bermudez continues marching forward with lunging left and right hands. Now a leg kick. Fili still trying to work off the jab.

Another low leg kick for Bermudez then lands a hard one-two. Clipping right hook for him. Ripping body shot connects. Fili on his bike a lot more this round as Bermudez clearly becomes the aggressor.

Bermudez working hard against the cage and finally lands the takedown he’s been looking for all fight long. Fili looks to stand and Bermudez tries for an armbar attempt that isn’t going to work out as the round comes to an end.


Close fight then and the judges are split on their verdict, but it’s Andre Fili who emerges with his hand raised (29-28 x2, 27-30).

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