Andre Muniz Taps Bartosz Fabinski With Early Armbar At UFC Fight Night 176

Andre Muniz wasn’t phased by Bartosz Fabinski taking him down early in their bout at UFC Fight Night 176 tonight, instead managing to lock up a fight-ending submission from his back.

Round One:

Both men just missing with early punches. A kick from Fabinski. Both men fire off punches and Fabinski goes into a takedown attempt against the cage.

Elbow strikes to the head from Muniz as Fabinski continues to try to work a takedown attempt. A few left hands land for Fabinski. Now a knee to the body.

They briefly scramble as Muniz turns away from the cage, but then Fabinski brings him down. Muniz working a guillotine choke though, but that doesn’t work out.

However, Muniz then looks like he’s going for an triangle choke from his back, only to then switch to an armbar that catches Fabinski off-guard and he quickly taps out at 2.42mins of the opening round.

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