Andre Petroski TKO’s Micheal Gillmore In Third Round At UFC On ESPN 30

Andre Petroski didn’t have it all his way against the underdog Micheal Gillmore tonight at UFC On ESPN 30, but a strong end to the second round set him up to carry that momentum into the final five minutes, where a takedown put him in control and eventually led to a TKO stoppage win.

Round One:

Petroski with a right hook then a body punch. Right hand for Gillmore. Body kick for Petroski.

Petroski looking for a takedown, but then tries to throw a punch instead. Petroski drives into a right hook and then immediately goes for the takedown attempt.

Petroski is able to bring Gillmore down in the center of the Octagon and is in side control here.

Punch and an elbow for Petroski. Gillmore attempts to scramble out, but Petroski stops that and then steps into half-guard. He lands a big blow to the head and then goes back to side control.

More punches from Petroski, but that gives Gillmore time to get to his knees and then stand up. However, Petroski drags him back down immediately and now has his back.

Petroski going for a rear-naked choke attempt, but with his arm not under the chin he’s just working a neck crank instead.

Gillmore able to escape tat, but now he’s eating a few punches. Gillmore attempts to get to a better position and is able to back up towards the cage to a less dangerous spot before the round ends.

Round Two

Body kick from Gillmore. Swings and a miss from both men. Gillmore with an inside leg kick. He attempts it again and Petroski presses forward in response, but gets caught with a grazing punch as he’s going in for the takedown.

Another leg kick for Gillmore. Head kick from Petroski grazes the target. A kick from Gillmore appears to stray to the groin, but Petroski insists he wants to keep going and lands a body punch.

Gillmore connects. Petroski starting to slow down and Gillmore lands again. Slow takedown from Petroski doesn’t pay off. Gillmore lands a leg kick that knocks Petroski off his feet.

Petroski back up. Leg kick for Gillmore. He lands another. Two leg kicks from Petroski. Punch from Gillmore in response. Now another leg kick for Gillmore and those are definitely taking a toll.

Petroski lands a solid punch. A punch apiece lands. Petroski goes in on a takedown attempt and this time lands it in the final minute of the round.

Petroski in side control again. He attempts to move to mount, but settles for knee-on-belly instead and looks to land ground-and-pound.

Now Petroski does get into full mount, but only has a few seconds to lands punches. Good end to the round for him though, and he needed that.

Round Three:

left hand for Petroski. Leg kick for Gillmore. Petroski drives in with purpose for the takedown and he’s determined not to be denied here and gets it.

Gillmore trying to counter with a guillotine, but that’s easy to get out of and Petroski secures full mount with four minutes to go.

Light punches from Petroski to soften up his opponent while applying head pressure. Petroski looking to take the back, but as Gillmore attempts to wall walk he changes back to a slightly awkward position. Gillmore looking to scramble, but Petroski adjusts and secures mount again.

Petroski traps one of his opponent’s hands and that allows him to rain down powerful elbows on the unprotected Gillmore until the ref moves in to wave off the fight and hand him a TKO victory at 3.12mins of the final round.

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