Andrei Arlovski Beats Junior Albini By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 120

Andrei Arlovski finally got back to winning way tonight at UFC Fight Night 120 with a unanimous decision victory over Junior Albini.

Round One:

Albini with a big right hook in an early exchange and may have hurt him. Arlovski with a grazing shot to the top of the head though.

Albini steps in with a right hand and Arlovski tries to counter. Arlovski with a right hook that’s blocked. Now a body punch. Albini mises with a punch. Overhand right for Arlovski doesn’t find a home.

Albini gets into the clinch against the cage. The Brazilian has legs like tree trunks. Not much happening from there and they break apart. Exchange of punches in close. Leg kicks for Arlovski. He threatens with an overhand right.

Body kick for Arlovski, but Albini lands better punches. Body punch for Arlovski. Spinning backfist from Arlovski bounces of Albini’s guard.

Albini presses Arlovski to the cage. He lands some short shots inside. Arlovski gets away. Left hook for Albini. A couple of overhand rights for Arlovski not quite connecting cleanly. Albini with a final left hook to end the round.

Round Two:

Nice left hok for Albini. Arlovski rips to the body. leg kick for Arlovski and then a little higher. Albini works to the cage clinch.

Arlovski tries to reverse the position, but Albini is too strong and keeps him pressed to the cage. Still not much happening though and the ref opts to separate them.

However, its not long before they go back into that clinch again with Albini looking for an opportunity to bring the fight to the mat.

Back to striking they go and there’s an even exchange of punches in close. One-two lands for Arlovski. Now a low kick. Spinning body kick for Arlovski.

Arlovski with a straight right that gets through. He looks fresher compared to the Brazilian at this stage. To punctuate that point he reels off a series of punches and Albini doesn’t have much to offer in response.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Arlovski and then a body punch. He looks quicker to the punch here. Double jab and then an uppercut from Arlovski.

Left hook and then a right grazes Arlovski. leg kick for Albini. Head kick attempt from Arlovski is blocked. Arlovsi trying to get through the guard with an uppercut.

Nicely timed head kick from Arlovski almost gets through. Leg kick for Albini. Eye poke from Albini causes a brief stoppage.

Back to it Arlovski lands to the body. Now a couple of leg kicks and then goes up higher, looking good at this stage in the fight, though he eats a jab. Albini now with a little trickle of blood to teh face.

Arlovski lands a right hand and then Albini unleashes with a few hard sots that send a warning that he can’t get too overconfident here.

Another nice combination of hooks from Albini. Arlovski comes back but lands a groin shot so there’s another brief stoppage.

Albini back to it and lands a solid right and left, then straight into the clinch against the cage. Final 30 seconds and he needs to do more to steal the round. Albini tries for a takedown, but isn’t able to land it and we’re headed to the judges scorecards.


Arlovski seemed to have more gas in the tank in the second half of the fight and that serves him well in the final reckoning as he emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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