Andrei Arlovski Defeats Ben Rothwell By Decision At UFC On ESPN 4

Andrei Arlovski convincingly got the better of a hard-chinned Ben Rothwell tonight at UFC On ESPN 4, outstriking him to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Rothwell takes theh center of the cage as expected and throws a punch early. Arlovski with an overhhand left. Leg kick for him.

Left hook from Rothwell seems to hurt Arlovski. Rothwell with a flurry, but Arlovski survives. Arlovski with a big overhand, but Rothwell wears it well.

Right hand for Rothwell, but then eats a counter. Punch for Rothwell puts Arlovski back against the cage, but then he lands to the body in return.

Exchange of punches. Rothwell wades in and Arlovski runs away. Nice strike lands for Arlovski. He goes for a spinning backfist and it partially lands.

Arlovski lands to the head and Rothwell backs up looking a little troubled. He’s soon coming forward again though and lands to the head. Leg kick for Arlovski now.

Left hand for Rothwell, but misses with the follow-up right. Body strikes for Arlovski. Rothwell has some blood coming from his nose.

Punches for Arlovski, but then a harder one in response from Rothwell. Rothwell still marching forward, but eats an uppercut.

Jab for Arlovski. Spinning elbow from Rothwell. Now a spinning backfirst from Arlovski. So far Rothwell’s chhin has held up well, but his nose is bleeding significantly. Spinning kick lands upstairs from Arlovski.

Exchange of punches in close and Arlovski lands the cleaner punches there. They continue to trade as the round ends.

Round Two:

Left and a right hand for Rothhwell. Uppercut for Rothwell. Leg kick for Rothwell and an overhand for Arlovski.

In-fighting now and Rothwell connected with an overhand in that exchange. Arlovski landing with more frequency though.

Hooks land for Arlovski. Left hook for Rothwell. hook kick for Arlovski just grazes Rothwell’s face. Arlovski goes for the spinning backfist again, but not connecting this time.

Arlovski landing again, but Rothwell undettered and he presses ‘Pitbull’ up against the cage. They jockey for position and Rothhwell proves to be the stronger of the two.

Couple of short knees to the body from Arlovski and Rothwell lands uppercuts to the midsection. They break apart and Arlovski lands the jab. Now punches to the body and a kick.

Back to the clinch and it’s Arlovski pressing Rothwell to the cage momentarily. Back to striking range and Arlovski lands a spinning backfist.

Spinning kick to the body from Arlovski. Leg kick for Rothwell. Right hand for Arlovski. Now a body punch. Another right and a couple more punches behind it. Rothwell running out of ideas here as he’s continuing to get picked apart.

Rothwell marauds forward and lands an uppercut, but eats punches in return.

Round Three:

Jab for Arlovski and inside leg kick. Straight jab for Arlovski. He lands it again. Rothwell attempts a knee in the clinch but it doesn’t pay off.

Big right hand for Arlovski. Back to the jab. Then the right again. Arlovski puts together a combination and then clinches, pushing Rothwell to the cage. However, Rothwell reverses the position quickly.

Mised uppercut from Rothwell. Rothwell drives for a takedown and partially lands it, but Arlovski gets back to his feet. Arlovski drives Rothwell to the cage, but gets spun around again.

Rothwell tries for the takedown again and fails. Nice chopping elbow from Rothwell in close. Arlovski with a left and a right. Rothwell with a big deep breath and comes forward again.

Big punch from Rothwell. Suddenly Arlovski looks to be running out of stream, but then he digs deep and starts punching again.

Three punches for Arlovski but no real power behind them. He does land harder soon afterwards though and Rothwell’s face is a bloodied mess, bleeding from the nose and cuts, including a bad one to the right eyelid.


Very good striking display from Arlovski here then and he deservedly emerges withh a convincing unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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