Angela Hill TKO’s Hannah Cifers In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 166

Angela Hill claimed a big TKO victory over Hannah Cifers tonight at UFC fight Night 166.

Round One:

Leg kick for Cifers to start. Right hand from Hill and another low kick from Cifers. She lands it again.

Body kick for Cifers and a flurry of punches. Left hand from Hill and then one to the body.

Both exchanging punches but Cifers connecting with kicks too. Nice punch gets through for Hill.

Combination of punches from Cifers. Straight lands for Hill. Both coming in close and unleashing punches.

Right hand getting through nicely at times from Hill. They clinch up and Hill drives Cifers back to the cage, but she quickly moves away.

Solid leg kick from Hill. Cifers with a clinch situation, but again it’s Hill who seems stronger and drives her to the cage.

Cifers with a knee and then reverses the clinch and throws some nice punches.

Hill goes to the center of the cage. Elbow from Hill and a body kick from Cifers in return. Nice right hand for Hill. Spinning backfist for her lands cleanly.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Cifers and then another on the other side. Right hand from Hill. Now a right from Cifers.

High leg kick for Cifers. Hill with a one-two. Body punch for her. Straight right from Hill. Now a hook.

Hill clinches up muay thai style and then sweeps her onto the mat, landing in side control. Hill trying to move to full mount here and almost has it. She gets it and lands a big elbow. She lands a few more punches as Cifers desparately clings onto her.

Hill landing some brutal elbows here and the ref is very close to stop the fight as Cifers gets bloodied up. That’s it, the referee’s seen enough and waves off the fight, handing Hill a big TKO victory at 4.26mins of the second round.

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