Anthony Pettis Brutally KO’s Stephen Thompson With Superman Punch At UFC Fight Night 148

Anthony Pettis produced an incredible superman punch knockout finish tonight against Stephen Thompson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 148.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Nashville!

Swift high kick from Thompson is blocked. Oblique kick for Pettis. Body kick for Pettis. Side kick to the body from Thompson and Pettis is just short with punches.

Kicks exchanged by both fighters. Jab for Thompson. He’s staying on the outside as he you might expect. He comes in with a couple of punches and a kick.

jab for Thompson. Hard leg kick for Pettis. Low kick for Thompson. Hook kick attempt from Pettis. leg kick for Thompson. Body kick from Thompson, leg kick in return from PEttis.

Body kick from Pettis. One-two for Thompson as he darts in. Body kick again from ‘Showtime.’ Spinning head kick from Pettis misses and he fell from that.

Good body kick for Thompson and three punches behind it. Fast jab from Thompson. Chopping leg kick for Pettis. Short flurry of punches from Thompson.

Right hand for Pettis. One-two from Thompson. Solid jab for Thompson. Now a spin kick attempt. Hard left and a right for Thompson. Another left lands. Leg kick from Pettis. Pettis bleeding from the nose.

Right hook and a left hand for Thompson. Pettis coming forward with a punch and tries for a kick that doesn’t land.

Round Two:

Right hook for Thompson. Body kick for Pettis. Head kick for Thompson. Leg kick for Pettis. jab from Thompson. Body kick for Thompson.

Head kick attempt from Pettis is blocked. Hook kick partially lands for Thompson. Side kick to the body for Thompson. Left hand for Thompson.

Body kick for Thompson, punch to the leg from Pettis. Right hand on the retreat from Thompson. leg kick for Thompson and then another. Leg kick for Pettis now.

Solid left hand to the jaw for Thompson. Right hand grazes Thompson’s chin. Leg kick for Pettis. Right hook for Thompson. Double jab now.

Right hand for Pettis. one-two lands for Thompson. Body kick from Pettis. Punches upstair from Thompson. Hook and then a left hand for THompson comes off the gloves.

Solid jab for Thompson. Left hand connects. Leg kick from Pettis. Jab lands. Side kick to the head lands for Thompson, but not hard.

Thompson targets the body with a punch. Leg kick for Pettis and then goes back to it. They both throw a leg kick at the same time. Pettis with a lot of blood from his nose.

Jab apiece. Side kick to the body from Thompson. Pettis backed up against the cage but bounces back off it and throrws the superman punch that lands clean and sends Thompson crashing down with his head bouncing of the canvas on the way down, followed up by two thunderous ground and pound punches that leave no doubt that ‘Wonderboy’ has been brutally knocked out at 4.55mins of the second round.

Stunning highlight reel finish from the former lightweight champion Pettis then after generally coming off second best in the striking action up until that point.

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