Anthony Smith Submits Alexander Gustafsson In Fourth Round At UFC Fight Night 153

Alexander Gustafsson appeared to be outpointing Anthony Smith on the feet tonight at UFC Fight Night 153 in Stockholm, but then ‘Lionheart’ managed to get a takedown in the fourth round and finish him with a submission.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Stockholm.

Gustafsson moving on the outside to start. Right hand lands for Smith and Gustafsson runs off and resets.

Smith hurls overhands in Gustafsson’s direction. Kick for Smith. Oblique kick for Gustafsson.

Overhand right for Smith. Lots of movement from Gustafsson, but not much offense so far. Leg kick for Smith. Gustafsson’s shin already bleeding heavily from a checked kick earler in the round.

Overhand right again for Smith, but doesn’t land and again Gustafsson quickly moves away and resets.

Another leg kick for Smith. Jab for Gustafsson. Gustafsson feeling out with the jab and Smith tries to come over the top with the overhand in response.

Oblique kick for Gustafsson. Left hand for Gustafsson and then follows up with a kick.

Round Two:

Gustafsson just misses with a left hook and Smith tries to capitalize with a big punch that narrowly moves past the target.

Another huge overhand swing from Smith, but Gustafsson showed excellent movement to make that a swing and a miss.

Leg kick for Gustafsson. Leg kick for Smith and then an overhand that’s avoided again. Punch for Gustafsson.

Head kick attempt from Smith, but it’s blocked. Oblique kick for Gustafsson. Left hand for Smith. he loads up on another punch.

leg kick for Smith. Now one in return from Gustafsson. Uppercut for Smith and a punch behind it.

Hard left hook for Smith lands. Gustafsson with a jab. Right hook for Smith. Leg kicks for Gustafsson. Stepping body punch for Smith.

Right hand and a head kick attempt from Gustafsson. he just misses with a one-two. Both men staring each other, faking, but hesitant to engage in the final 10 seconds which leaves the crowd a little restless.

Round Three:

Oblique kick from Gustafsson. In closer range Gustafsson throws a few strikes and that heats things up a little as Smith works a hook.

Back to the center of the Octagon they go. Leg kick for Gustafsson. Another lands. He tries for what looks like a trip, but doesn’t work out for him.

Right hand connects for Gustafsson and Smith comes back swinging. Smith looks to bully Gustafsson against the cage, but the Swede avoids his big blows.

Overhand right for Gustafsson. High body kick from Smith. Leg kicks from Gustafsson. Push kick to the body from Smith.

Low leg kick for Smith. Glancing right hand from Gustafsson, left hook to the body. Leg kick lands for him.

Leg kick for Smith. jab for Gustafsson. He lands a solid jab. One-two from Gustafsson. Leg kick for Smith and then one in return from Gustafsson.

Big body kick for Gustafsson and then immediately goes for a takedown from it. Side control for Gustafsson, but Smith has his feet against the cage. Only 30 seconds to work from this good position.

Elbow drops down for Gustafsson. He repositions himself on top looking for strikes, but the round ends.

Round Four:

Light leg kick to start for Gustafsson and other. Gustafsson goes for a body shot, but Smith lands a punch on the way in.

Jab for Gustafsson. Double jab for him, but a body kick in return from Smith. Head kick attempt from Smith is blocked. Jabs for GUstafsson.

Leg kick for Gustafsson. He tries for a takedown, doesn’t get it and Smith counters with a takedown of his own and gets Gustafsson’s back.

Gustafsson standing up, but Smith’s still latched onto his back. Gustafsson on all four with a high, wide stance and Smith’s slowly sliding down his back.

However, he’s able to flatten Gustafsson down and then starts landing hard elbows to the side of his head.

Now Smith goes for the choke and he’s got it in tight. This could be it! Gustafsson taps out, Smith gets the win by rear-naked choke submission 2.38mins into the fourth round!

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