Ariane Lipski Defeats Mandy Böhm By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 192

Ariane Lipski was in fine form tonight at UFC Fight Night 192 as she outstruck Mandy Bohm and floored her several times to earn a clean sweep on the judges scorecards.

Round One:

Bohm with an immediate kick. Grazing hook from Lipski. Now a series of punches from her. She just comes up short with a straight right.

Bohm on the outside and lands an inside leg kick. Body punch from Lipski. Bohm driving into a takedown, but Lipski does well to use her momentum against her and ends up on top.

Lipski settling into Bohm’s full guard here. Bohm closing her guard and looking to stall here. Short elbow strike for Lipski, but then Bohm manages to kick her off and get back to her feet.

Front kick to the body from Bohm. Body kick for her. Head kick attempt from Lipski is blocked, but then she lands a good punch. she follows up with another short flurry, but then they go into the clinch with Bohm taking control. However, Lipski soon turns into her against the cage. She lands a few knees to the body.

Bohm manages to get free. She lands a jab. Bohm with punches and a kick. Grazing right hand from Lipski to end the round.

Round Two:

Bohm feeling out with the jab. Two light punches from Lipski. Jab for Bohm. Nice right hand over the top from Lipski.

Jab from Bohm. Lipski with a punch to the body. Now a leg kick. Another punch to the body. Leg kick from Bohm, Lipski looks to counter and Bohm puts together another couple of punches.

Lipski works again to the body with punches. Lipski steps into another punch and Bohm attempts to work a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Kick for Lipski. Now she lands nicely to the body again. Spinning backfist from Bohm into a head kick attempt, but it’s blocked and she’s slightly off-balance afterwards.

Brief clinch. Lipski with a leg kick. Now a light left hook. A straight right lands clean. Stiff jab from Bohm.

Leg kick for Lipski. Body punch again. Knee to the midsection then she lands a hard right hand that drops Bohm. Lipski goes down, avoids a potential submission attempt and settles into side control as the round is drawing to a close.

Round Three:

Back to the body punch from Lipski. Head kick attempt flashes up at close range. Jumping knee to the body from Bohm.

Again the body punch from Lipski and Bohm returns to the favor. Constant body work from Lipski. Nice counter right from her.

Both ladies trade a body punch now. Jab for Bohm. leg kick from Lipski. Exchange of punches and Lipski lands a big punch with authority that stops Bohm dazed in her tracks for a moment before sinking to the canvas.

Lipski goes down to the mat looking for a finish, but Bohm is surviving for now. Lipski settles on top rather than going all out for the finish. Bohm able to kick her off and then gets a stand-up.

However, Lipski brings her down again quickly and starts to work from half guard in the center of the Octagon.

Lipski attempting to pass the guard, but nothing doing for now as Bohm kicks her off again and stands.

One-two attempted by Bohm. Credit to her, despite being dropped numerous times she’s trying to make something happen late here as she puts together a combination of punches and a kick, but Lipski clinches up for the final few seconds of the fight.


Great performance from Lipski then, looking very composed on the feet, yet also displaying plenty of power on the way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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