Arman Tsarukyan Beats Damir Ismagulov By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 216

Arman Tsarukyan dominated Damir Ismagulov, albeit in a relatively uneventful fashion, tonight at UFC Fight Night 216 to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Head kick immediately from Tsarukyan. Now a body kick that lands, though Ismagulov almost catches it. Leg kick for Tsarukyan.

Ismagulov misses a leg kick of his own. Tsarukyan misses a punch but lands the leg kick afterwards. Body punch for Ismagulov.

Ismagulov looking for a leg kick, but Tsarukyan times it well and goes in to lands a good takedown. He ties up to the legs with his own, but Ismagulov works to stand close to the cage and does so. Tsarukyan still body locked to his back though and tries a few times to bring him down, only doing so for a split second then back up.

Tsarukyan driving into another takedown, but Ismagulov defends that one well and so Tsarukyan has to settle for clinching against the cage. He’s trying to trip him and then drag him down, but no joy.

Back into the clinch against the cage for Tsarukyan. He’s trying to force him to the mat, but only ends up dragging Ismagulov down on top of him. Bad spot for him, but he does well to transition back on top.

Ismagulov stands back up, but is still stuck with Tsarukyan clinched up against the cage. Ismagulov gets away and lands a one-two from range.

Grazing left hook from Ismagulov. Now a jab. Ismagulov lands to the body but Tsarukyan did land a punch to the head on the counter.

Body kick for Tsarukyan. He tries a spinning backfist but comes up short. Head kick attempt from Tsarukyan just misses as the round ends.

Round Two:

Ismagulov with the jab. Tsarukyan tries a head kick. Nice flurry of punches and a kick from Tsarukyan.

Kick upstairs again from Tsarukyan gets close. He lands a leg kick. Jabs exchanged. Inside leg kick for Tsarukyan. Body punch from Ismagulov.

Knee attempt from Ismagulov is seized on by Tsarukyan to land a takedown. Ismagulov back up and Tsarukyan tries hard to get him back there, managing to drag him down.

Ismagulov up again, but this time Tsarukyan lands a more definitive takedown after hoisting him up. Tsarukyan to back control but is in danger of sliding over the top and has to adjust then pulls Ismagulov onto him and starts working for a rear-naked choke.

Isamgulov avoids that and stands back up yet again. ismagulov looking for strikes, but Tsarukyan drives into another takedown and lands it close to the cage. Ismagulov back up and turns into Ismagulov then gets back to striking range.

Leg kick for Ismagulov. Just misses with a right hand. Tsarukyan clinches up and walks him over to the cage.

Ismagulov with an elbow strike. Now a knee to teh body. Shoulder shrug for Tsarukyan. Elbow lands for Tsarukyan after a couple of missed strikes.

Round Three:

Head kick attempt from Tsarukyan and then one to the body. He lands to the body again. He reaches for the legs, but Ismagulov stuffs it and lands a knee.

Jab for Ismagulov. Tsarukyan throws a leg kick that strays to the groin and forces a brief stoppage.

Body kick from Tsarukyan comes off the arm. left hook for Tsarukyan. Leg kick from Ismagulov. Head kick attempt for Tsarukyan.

Low single from Tsarukyan and adds a trip to complete it. With Ismagulov turtled up Tsarukyan takes his back. Ismagulov continuing to successfully get back to his feet though, with Tsarukyan continuing to remain in the clinch.

Single leg attempt from Tsarukyan and goes across the Octagon trying to secure this takedown without success. Knee to the body from Ismagulov.

Ismagulov breaks free. Left hook for Tsarukyan. Missed right hand from ismagulov. Tsarukyan goes to the body. Now a body kick.

Jumping knee attempt from Ismagulov but it doesn’t find the mark. Single leg attempt from Tsarukyan and the trip afterwards pays off for him again. Tsarukyan gets his back and pulls him down.

Tsarukyan trying to sink in a rear-naked choke but not able to so far. Ismagulov gets to his knees and stands, but Tsarukyan stays on his back and pulls him back down in the final seconds of the round.


No doubt about the winner here, with Tsarukyan dominating the clinch and wrestling exchanges from start to finish to claim a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3) and bring an end to Ismagulov’s 19-fight winning streak.

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