Arman Tsarukyan TKO’s Blood-Soaked Joel Alvarez At UFC Fight Night 202

Arman Tsarukyan’s nasty ground-and-pound elbows left Joel Alvarez soaked in blood en-route to a second round TKO victory tonight at UFC Fight Night 202.

Round One:

Tsarukyan with a leg kick against his much taller opponent. He attempts a head kick without success. Jabs traded.

Tsarukyan looks for a takedown and Alvarez is more than willing to go to his back looking for an early submission. Tsarukyan wise to that though and settles on top in his opponent’s full guard.

Tsarukyan trying to work to half-guard, but he has to be careful given that Alvarez is very dangerous with submissions from his back. For now Alvarez settles for bringing him back to full guard.

Alvarez fishing for a submission again, but Tsarukyan again ensures he doesn’t leave himself open to be attacked. Tsarukyan thinking about a submission of his own, but then settles back into full guard again instead.

Patient work from Tsarukyan and lands a nice elbow. He takes his time and then drops another brutal elbow and immediately Alvarez is absolutely pouring with blood from the bridge of his nose.

Blood is now spraying onto the mat in alarming fashion, but Tsarukyan connects with another elbow and thankfully for Alvarez the round ends before he loses any more blood.

Round Two:

The doctor did his best to clean up that cut inbetween rounds, but he’s bleeding again before they even get going in round two.

Tsarukyan quickly goes in for a takedown and lands it. He moves to side control and Alvarez face is already a crimson mask again.

Elbows dropped down for Tsarukyan. Alvarez gets to his knees and tries to stand. Tsarukyan not having it though and keeps him down and starts landing more punches. It’s questionable if Alvarez can even see given all the blood to his face and as more blows land the ref decides he’s had enough, handing Tsarukyan a grizzly TKO victory at 1.57mins of the second round.

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