Arnold Allen Stages Stunning Submission Comeback Against Mads Burnell At UFC Fight Night 130

For the best part of three rounds Arnold Allen was getting completely outgrappled by Mads Burnell at UFC Fight Night 130, but then out of nowhere Allen produced a stunning comeback via submission.

Round One:

Leg kick for BUrnett. One-two lands for Allen. Leg kick for Burnett. left hand gets through for Allen. Allen steps into a straight left, but doesn’t connect cleanly.

Burnell’s pressuring now and lands a punch. Left hand for Allen. Burnell bobs, weaves and lands a left. Two hooks for Allen and then another as he steps away.

Burnell into the clinch looking for a takedown against the cage. They go back to striking. Burnell with a kick. Works a few punches. Allen letting his hands go to and connects well with an uppercut.

Couple of solid left hands for Allen, but then Burnett gets the takedown. Burnell staying active on top in the final minute of the round, but then Allen stands back up nicely and lands a knee upstairs.

Burnell back into the clinch looking for a takedown, but Allen lands on top as the round ends.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Burnell. Good right hand gets through for him. Another punch upstairs, one downstairs and the nicely moves into a takedown and lands it.

Allen tries hard to stand, but Burnell keeps him down. Slower workrate this round from him, but still keeping control on the mat.

Finally Allen works to his feet against the cage, but Burnell takes his back and brings him down again. Again Allen stands.

Allen works a few punches. They look labored though and Burnell brings him back down. Allen struggling to escape Burnell’s stifling pressure for the remainder of the round.

Round Three:

Left hand for Allen. Another connects as Burnell tries a push kick. Allen misses a left hand and Burnell goes underneath and lands a takedown.

Allen stands again the cage, but Burnell soon puts him on his back again. Again Allen uses the cage to works his way back up, but Burnell remains in the clinch.

Nice takedown again for Burnell. Again Allen finds a way back to his feet. Burnell stays clinched up, but out-of-the-blue suddenly slides in arm under his opponent’s chin looking for a front choke and it’s extremely tight. Burnell goes to the mat, but can’t get out of his vice-like grip and moments later taps out with 2.41mins on the clock in the final round!

That’s a remarkable comeback from Allen who was unquestionably on his way to a convincing decision loss there until that last gasp submission.

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